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Best Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Track leads, manage sales pipelines, perform sales forecasting, communicate with clients, sign sales contracts, assign tasks, and more. Benefit from mobile capabilities and automated workflows. 

Organizational Structure

Map relationships between organizations, divisions and department using our hierarchy tool. Individuals may hold several positions at various organizations or departments. A separate contact can be created for each position with specific contact details. Address details are managed in a central location and can be linked to individuals, organizations or buildings.


Keep track of any form of interaction including phone conversations, letters, visitation reports, minutes, etc. You will be able to link specific tasks to each interaction. You can also request a status overview of all open and executed tasks per interaction.

Following Leads

Manage leads and monitor turnover, probability, decision period and commissions. Promptly generate averages regarding turnover per customer, partner or account manager. Group leads into categories (by sector or postal code) and subsequently generate various reports to drive decision-making processes.

Lists & Advertising

Save contacts into lists. Should you wish to send a certain group a weekly or monthly newsletter, then you need only select that list. These lists can also be used to print labels or send a survey.


Generate quotations, send them off by email, and/or evaluate the status of quotations online. By designing and organizing workflows yourself, you can ensure the quotation process proceeds in a consistent and structured manner.

Example CRM Module Screen



As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global Search Capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CRM

Here are the most common questions asked about CRM software.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. A CRM software platform is a one-stop-shop for all sales-related data, contacts, documents, tasks, communication, contracts, analytics and more. A CRM allows you to store and organize information about current and potential clients as well as track each step of the customer journey. With CRM software, you can manage your sales pipeline from the prospecting stage all the way to the post-sale stage.

Why should I use CRM software?

CRM software streamlines your entire sales operation within one platform. By storing customer-related data, documents and tasks in one location and tapping into automated workflows, insightful analytics, and easy task management, your sales team experiences enhanced efficiency, organization and visibility. Further, by having all client information organized and accessible, your sales team has access to client data that fosters a more personal and successful customer experience.

What is unique about Axxerion CRM?

Axxerion CRM offers a wide range of powerful sales tools within a simplified and easy-to-use interface. With Axxerion CRM, your sales team can track leads, manage sales pipelines, communicate with clients, move through the entire contract lifecycle process, assign and complete tasks, and more. Axxerion’s unique, powerful workflow capabilities allow you to automate your sales processes to save time and hassle. Further, Axxerion’s CRM is completely mobile so that you can run your sales operations from anywhere, at any time.

How can Axxerion CRM help track leads?

Axxerion CRM allows you to store extensive information and documents for each lead as well as track the lead status throughout each stage of the sales pipeline. Further, easily track all interactions, task teammates, store notes, send out emails, and create quotations directly within the Axxerion system. This way, you can use one system to carry out all tasks needed to best nurture your prospects and convert them into clients.

How can Axxerion CRM help organize contacts?

Axxerion’s contact database allows you to easily keep track of all customer contact information in one location. For each contact, you can store a wide range of information including company information, documents and contracts, deal stages, notes, priority status, tasks and more.

How can Axxerion CRM help manage sales pipelines?

Axxerion CRM offers appealing and analytical dashboards that help you assess the status of your sales pipeline in an organized and efficient manner. In our system, you can see where all of your deals are currently standing and sort by criteria such as deal size, probability, priority, and source. These offerings will help you refine your sales strategy and hone in on leads and sources that matter most.

Is Axxerion CRM mobile?

Axxerion CRM is completely cloud-based and mobile, so that you can stay connected to each lead, interaction and task while on-the-go. Mobile access to your CRM leads to increased efficiency, faster response times and an overall more agile sales operation.

Does Axxerion CRM offer integrations?

Axxerion CRM offers hundreds of integrations, including those to Salesforce, HubSpot, Software Advice, Twilio, DocuSign and more. This means you can sync all of your data and tools within our one-stop-shop platform. And with single sign-on capabilities, you can say goodbye to juggling different platforms and log-ins and focus your time and energy on your most profitable sales activities.

How can Axxerion CRM help with sales forecasting and business analytics?

Axxerion offers compelling out-of-the-box and configurable dashboards that help your sales team collect key metrics and track performance. Our software easily lets you identify top lead sources and create sales forecast reports so that you can get critical projected sales data that will inform your sales strategy going forward.

How can Axxerion CRM help manage sales contracts?

Axxerion CRM has a built-in contract lifecycle management workflow. In our system, you can create and store sales contracts and quotations. You can also easily manage, revise, track progress, sign contracts in our systems and tie them directly to leads in your pipeline. Integrations with products such as DocuSign make the process efficient and effective.

How can Axxerion CRM help with communication and collaboration?

You can email prospects and clients directly through Axxerion CRM. Benefit from communication integrations with Twilio and more. As for team members, you can check on each other’s progress and create tasks for each other within the system. Further, increase efficiency by creating automated workflows that notify team members when a sales employee reaches certain stages in the sales process.