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Best Work Order Management Software

Organize, manage, and track work orders within a single platform. Axxerion is centralized location for submitting service requests, creating work orders, monitoring service progress, and accessing service details in the field.

Up-to-date Information

Work order status is easily accessible online to each participant in the work order process. The requesting party, the contractor, and the supplier all have access the work orders which facilitates  supply chain integration.


In the case that resources are used for a work order, stock is appropriately adapted. Axxerion can automatically generate purchase orders if stock comes under a fixed minimum level. For example, work orders for properties can be filled based on the results of a multiyear maintenance plan.


Work orders can be generated within the framework of a contract. Checks can also be carried out to ensure that the execution meets contractual requirements.


Documents can be saved and attached to a work order, e.g. a schematic can be added to illustrate to results of a project.

Cost & Quotations

Quotations can be generated within the framework of a work order, allocating the resources and hours/manpower required. Projected costs of a work order can be compared to the real costs at any time, and projected hours can be compared to real hours.



Comments can be added at various stages of the workflow. Comments are tracked per person and by date, allowing for a complete work order timeline.


As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global Search Capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Work Order Management Software

Here are the most common questions asked about Work Order Management Software:

What is a work order?

A work order is a document (digital or paper) that provides information about a maintenance or operations task or project that is in need of completion. Work orders can include details such as who is requesting the work, who has authorized the work, who is to perform the work, the deadline for work to be completed by, where the work must be performed, how to complete the work, and any parts or tools needed for the work.

Work orders ensure that work is done properly, efficiently, and in a way so that all labor, materials, and resource details involved in the work are documented. This way, the organization can easily track all maintenance and repair work performed on organizational facilities and assets.

What is work order management?

Work order management is a systematic approach to creating, tracking and completing maintenance work orders in an efficient and effective manner. It can involve many different forms of coordination and communication, since the completion of a work order can depend on different team members, technicians, funds, assets and other resources.

It is important to have a very organized and streamlined work order management system, considering that a facilities management team may receive hundreds of repair and maintenance requests daily that must be converted into work orders that need to be completed as quickly as possible.

What is work order management software?

Work order management software, a key component of a CMMS, is a cloud-based solution that enables maintenance and facilities managers to organize, manage, and track work orders and all work order information within a single platform. It serves as a centralized online location where employees can submit service requests, maintenance team members can create work orders, managers can monitor service progress, and technicians can access key service details and leave feedback about the work to be performed.

Work order management software streamlines and automates the work order management process, in addition to removing inefficiencies and increasing on-time work completion. It greatly helps facilities and maintenance teams focus less on tedious administration work and more on completing key maintenance activities in a timely manner.

Which industries use work order management software?

Work order management software is used by all industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, property management, and enterprise/corporate. Most organizations need to maintain their facilities and assets in order to be successful, and work order management software can be configured to the specific needs of any industry.

What are the benefits of using work order management software?

An outdated, paper-based work order management system can lead to disorganization, inefficiencies, miscommunication, and increased costs. By switching to a digital cloud-based work order management software solution like Axxerion, organizations will benefit from better organization, increased efficiency, enhanced collaboration, decreased costs, and greater customer satisfaction. They will also have more visibility into their operations and will benefit from data organization and analytics surrounding their work orders. These types of benefits would hardly be feasible with a paper-based work order management system.

Further, work order management software empowers maintenance management teams to run their operations across multiple facilities and locations efficiently, thanks to mobile app features and GIS capabilities. Research shows that that the better workflow management that comes with using work order management software can lead to a 5-15% reduction in total maintenance costs, as well as up to a 20% reduction in downtime due to increased productivity.

How can work order management software help with work order creation?

With Axxerion’s work order management software, you can easily create work orders with standard or custom line items to fit the needs of your organization. You can even create different categories of work orders that have individual workflows and access rights.

Further, you can set up a service request portal so that employees, users and guests can submit and track service requests on mobile or desktop devices. Preventative maintenance work orders can be easily scheduled based on criteria such as date, time, meter, or event-based triggers.

How can work order management software help with work order tracking?

With Axxerion’s work order management software, you can check on the status of all of your work orders at any time and from any device. Use configurable dashboards to get an overview of your work orders based on different criteria, such work orders that are high-priority, have impending deadlines, or are overdue.

Managers can access each team members workload, to make sure work orders are being delegated appropriately and make changes as needed.

Within Axxerion’s database you instantly look up work orders based on preferred search criteria, including location, priority, deadline, barcode, assigned manager, and more.

How can work order management software help with work order completion?

With Axxerion’s work order management software, you can track work orders to completion, communicating with technicians and managers along the way. Then, finish the work order process with on-the-spot invoicing and payment processing. Notes on technicians’ service performance can be stored in the software’s built-in vendor management system for future reference.

If stock and/or parts were used in the work order, the organization’s inventory will be appropriately updated after the work order is complete. All work order history and details will be stored and easily retrievable through Axxerion’s powerful search engine.

How can work order management software help with mobile work order management?

The Axxerion mobile app allows users to manage maintenance work orders on the go at any time. Review work order details, create and dispatch work orders to technicians, submit service requests, upload photos, process payments and update inventory – all from your mobile device.

Work order details can be accessed and updated even without access to internet connection. Updates will be synced once internet access is returned. You can even attach QR codes to work orders, and scan your mobile device on site for quick access to details needed to complete the job.

How can work order management software help with work order analytics?

Using Axxerion’s work order management software means that with every work order, you are collecting critical maintenance data that can be easily analyzed within the software platform. Axxerion offers hundreds of report templates and allows you to create customized reports as well – so that you can understand key metrics for your maintenance operations, such as work order rate, MTTR, work order spending, and more.

With Axxerion’s dashboards, you can instantly view KPIs that are important to your team. Data can always be filtered by criteria such as user, department, asset, project, time period, and more.