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Bidding and Procurement Software

Use Axxerion to efficiently bid for goods and services. Select and invite suppliers/contractors to bid via email, compare their services and prices, select winner(s), and generate the relevant purchase/work orders.

Digital Contracting

In each bid request, create a detailed list of specifications, units, amounts, and guiding prices, and include reference documents and detailed specifications.

Supplier Selection

Invite specific suppliers to submit a bid based on region, qualifications, or customer-specific criteria. Each supplier selected receives a personalized email containing a link to the bid request.

Online Invitation

Create a standard email template for inviting contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Using these parameters, emails are automatically generated and sent to the appropriate party.

Easy Bidding

Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can download documentation and enter their prices or turn down a bid. In the case of auctions, the highest or lowest submitted prices are displayed.

Quick Comparison and Selection

Bids are displayed in a matrix diagram with items and supplier prices, allowing for efficient comparison. Pick and choose items from individual suppliers or accept a bid as a whole.

Confirmation & Work/Purchase Orders

Upon selection of a supplier/contractor, bids can automatically be converted into purchase orders or work orders. Award the whole contract to a supplier or choose to award components of the bid to different bidders.

Optimize Your Procurement & Bidding With Axxerion

  • Using Axxerion, you can efficiently bid for goods and services directly or as part of your maintenance management, property management, or project management operations. In addition to bidding, Axxerion’s procurement module includes purchase orders, invoices, delivery, vendor management and more.
  • From multiple negotiated contracts, domestic contracts, international contracts, and national public tenders/agreements, a bid consists of a summary description, reference documents and drawings, schematics and a breakdown list of goods and services. You can select and invite suppliers and contractors and solicit their bids. Selected suppliers and contractors will receive an email invitation with all the details.
  • Each supplier can decide to bid or not.  If they decide to bid, they can list their prices and submit their bid online. The submitted bids are then shown in a clear diagram for comparison. You can select the winners and create purchase orders or work orders for one or several suppliers. Our bidding and procurement module can also be used for auctions or e-auctions.


As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global Search Capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Service Procurement & Vendor Management Software

Here are the most common questions asked about Service Procurement & Vendor Management software.

What is service procurement software?

Procurement is the process of a company purchasing the products and services necessary for successful business operations. More specifically, service procurement is the process of business outsourcing for people-delivered services. Third-party contractors and vendors that are outside of a company’s internal employee base are hired to complete specialized projects based on their areas of expertise.

What is a vendor management system (VMS)?

Vendor management is an important part of the service procurement process. It involves searching for, communicating with, and managing the service of third-party service providers that a company works with. A proper vendor management system will allow companies to store information on service providers such as proof of insurance and contracts, to solicit bids from vendors, to award work and track work orders, and to follow through with invoicing at the end of the service. 

Why is it important to have service procurement and vendor management software?

More companies than ever are relying on third-party vendors to propel their business operations. Despite this fact, studies show that employees are rarely informed about the different aspects of the service procurement processes, such as with contract terms, location of key information, and quality of the work performed. This deficit in visibility into the relations with third-party contractors can have many negative effects including poor service, security risks, and excessive spending.

What does Axxerion’s Service Procurement & Vendor Management software offer?

Axxerion’s Service Procurement & Vendor Management software offers a streamlined platform where businesses can reach out to and work with external service providers throughout the entire service procurement process. Through this platform, you can invite contractors to submit bids, compare different bid packages, award work to winning bids, and create relevant work and purchase orders.

How can Axxerion help me with service procurement?

With Axxerion, you can store qualified vendors in a database and then curate a list of vendors to reach out to. From there, you can send selected vendors a service-related request for proposal (RFP). The vendors can submit their bids directly into the system through a vendor portal. You can then compare offers, select a winning bid, and generate work and purchase orders related to the bid. You can also track the service in progress and then facilitate the invoicing process upon completion of the work.

How can Axxerion help me with bidding?

Bid creation and digital vendor contracting is easy in Axxerion. Create bids that can include additional documents, images and summary notes as well as a list of services required. Request for proposal (RFP) documents can be easily generated as well. You can then automate an email template that invites third-party service providers to bid and sends them all bid details.  Through a link provided in the email, contracts can place their bids directly into the Axxerion platform itself. Submitted bids can be easily compared in a clear matrix dashboard and selected vendors are notified of their winning bid and receive next steps for service. 

How can Axxerion help me with purchase orders and work orders for vendors?

Once contractors(s) are awarded service, bids are converted into work orders, purchase orders and contacts as needed. Purchase orders can be created based on different criteria, including order method, lead time and primary vendor. Work orders can be generated, approved by managers, and tracked until service completion. 

How can Axxerion help me manage my vendors?

Axxerion’s vendor management system (VMS) allows you to store all vendor-related information, including: vendor details such as qualifications and market rates; contracts such as Master Services Agreements (MSA) and Scope of Work Addendums; proof of insurance for liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and auto insurance along with their expiration dates; and contractor service report cards. You can communicate with vendors and renew contracts directly within the system.

How can Axxerion help me with accounting and financials related to service procurement?

Axxerion’s Service Procurement software fully integrates your vendor management processes with accounting and financial procedures. Within the system, you can facilitate invoicing for  incoming and outgoing invoices as well as post to General and Vendor Ledgers. You can easily set Not to Exceed (NTE) amounts for different items, and vendors can update their orders as needed. 

How can Axxerion help me with documentation and organization?

All documents and aspects of the service procurement process- whether its general communication, bids, contracts or purchase orders – are stored in the Axxerion system to have on file and keep for future reference. In this manner, organization is ensured throughout the entire vendor management cycle and security is increased. 

What benefits are there from using Axxerion’s Service Procurement & Vendor Management software?

Using a CMMS that offers service procurement and vendor management features like Axxerion leads to major benefits, which include: greater control throughout the procurement lifecycle, enhanced communication between vendors and internal employees, better overall visibility into the processes and outcomes of vendor relations, minimized risk via clear documentation and tracking, improved service outcomes, and increased cost savings.