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Powerful & Easy-to-Use IWMS Software

Integrate your key operations across diverse property portfolios.
Get real-time insight into key performance indicators of your employees and properties.

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IWMS Software Designed to Cover Operations in all Departments

Receive and handle maintenance requests from employees and tenants. Keep track and maintain key assets and capital projects. Manage occupancy, leases and vendors.

Businesses Commercial Tenants

Commercial Property Managers

Residential Property Managers

The best IWMS automates your property management business.

Provide your teams with mobile access and eliminate cumbersome procedures and paperwork. Keep your tenants, customers and vendors happy, increase productivity, save time and money.

Lease Management

Axxerion Lease Management defines and tracks leases and their statuses. Be aware of important lease dates and receive notifications on any desktop or mobile device.


Create, assign and schedule preventive and corrective work orders. Axxerion CMMS works with your in-house maintenance team, as well as your vendors and service providers.

Asset Management

Automate preventive maintenance and reach full life expectancy of your key assets. Track and store maintenance history, warranties and operation manuals.

Finances and Accounting

Access key performance indicators and proactively manage your budget. Axxerion has own General Ledger system and easily integrates with other Accounting solutions.

Axxerion by Spacewell: 100% Web-Based IWMS Software

Your properties' occupancy, maintenance, financials and budgeting information available in an easy-to-use environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IWMS

Here are the most common questions asked about IWMS software.

What is an IWMS?

An IWMS, or Integrated Workplace Management System, is a software service that allows real estate professionals, maintenance & facilities managers, and other corporate supervisors to conduct vital organizational and operational functions through one online platform. The diverse array of workplace management solutions offered through an IWMS allows companies to optimize the usage and condition of their buildings, assets, workspaces, and other resources.

What is an IWMS used for?

Due to its integrated nature, an IWMS allows users to perform a diverse array of functions on one single platform. These functions include: storing and sharing key information about contacts, properties, workspaces, and assets; scheduling preventative maintenance; requesting and dispatching work orders; analyzing energy and space usage; conducting accounting tasks; tracking capital projects; and much more.

On a broader scale, IWMS software streamlines workflows and automates tasks, all while allowing for advance reporting capabilities and mobile accessibility.

What are the 5 pillars of IWMS software?

The key benefit of an IWMS is that it integrates many different software systems into one platform, so that managers can more efficiently run the operations of their properties, workspaces, and assets. This integration means that an IWMS software offers management solutions across five different sectors:

  1. Facilities & Maintenance Management
  2. Space Management
  3. Real Estate & Lease Management
  4. Energy Management
  5. Capital Project Management

What types of industries benefit from the best IWMS software?

Many industries benefit from IWMS software, including: real estate, industrial, manufacturing, utilities, oil & gas, retail, corporate facilities, education, healthcare, and more. However, an IWMS can be used by any type of organization, especially those that are highly-regulated and asset-heavy; those that own more than one property; and those with a very large and dispersed workforce.

What types of professionals benefit from an IWMS software?

The professionals that benefit the most from an IWMS software include:

corporate & residential real estate managers, facilities managers, maintenance managers, facilities & maintenance technicians, energy & sustainability directors, HR managers, IT managers, and C-suite executives.

How can the best IWMS help me with facilities and maintenance management?

A key component of an IWMS is its computerized maintenance management capabilities, also known as a CMMS. A CMMS serves both as a database for all maintenance and asset information as well as an operations portal where facilities managers and other leaders can make service requests and work orders, schedule preventative maintenance, and perform financial and budgeting tasks.

The core components of a CMMS include: asset, building, and contact data management; preventive & predictive maintenance; work order & service requesting; workflow system management; vendor management; inventory management; and purchasing & budgeting.

What is the difference between an IWMS and a CMMS?

A CMMS is a stand-alone facilities and maintenance management system. On the other hand, an IWMS is a comprehensive software suite of functions that includes not only a CMMS but also a space management system, real estate management system, energy management system, and capital management system.

It may be that a company does not require all the modules offered by an IWMS but rather only needs maintenance management from a free-standing, limited CMMS package.

How can an IWMS help me with real estate management?

An IWMS provides real estate property managers with an elaborate and centralized database where they can store information and records on their properties, buildings, leases, and accounting at a very detailed level. These details include aspects such building square footage; building occupancy; asset inventory and costs; leasing start and end dates; and lessee and owner contact information. In this way, property managers can visualize and access data about all of their spaces and assets at any time.

An IWMS software solution provides property managers with the ability to receive and manage tenant requests; streamline rental payments and accounting; manage and execute leases; and schedule and dispatch work orders.

How can an IWMS help me with capital project management?

With an IWMS, capital projects can be handled through a single integrated approach for project communication, resource planning and financials. Property managers, building owners, construction managers and workers can all access and track key documentation such as schedules, costs, blueprints and bids. Further, outgoing invoices for multiple projects can be automatically generated.

How can an IWMS help me with energy management?

An IWMS offers companies the tools to make their organization more sustainable and energy efficient. Managers can organize many different energy-related aspects of a company’s operations, including: meter readings for energy consumption; machine output and operational hours; and vehicle mileage or pulse rate over specified time periods. Further, managers can take this information and analyze it through graphs, charts, and reports.

How can an IWMS help me with space management?

An IWMS allows you to visualize floor plans; locate employees; and reserve rooms, spaces and assets through one streamlined and interactive virtual platform. Further, an IWMS can use IoT sensors to collect real-time data on space utilization and occupancy.

What are the financial benefits of an IWMS?

The increased savings and efficiencies that result from employing an IWMS are vast and far-reaching. According to a recent report by Research and Markets, employing an IWMS solution can lead to the following:

  • 30% cost reduction in enterprise asset lifecycle
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption
  • 42% increase in efficiency of facility usage
  • 14% decrease in cost of facility maintenance
  • 40% increase in efficiency of workspace management

How do you install an IWMS?

An IWMS can be installed as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution or as an on-premise solution. Most companies prefer a cloud-based IWMS solution like Axxerion’s because we store the software on our secure servers so you don’t have to worry about the configuration and maintenance of servers.

Further, Axxerion’s servers have powerful storage and security features, and they undergo routine data backups to prevent data loss. On-premise solutions, on the other hand, are manually installed onto your office’s existing servers and must be maintained over time by your IT technicians. Unlike the cloud-based IWMS, the on-premise IWMS installation can be costly, time-consuming, and risky.

Where is IWMS data stored?

The answer depends on whether you choose a cloud-based IWMS or an on-premise IWMS. With a cloud-based IWMS solution, your data is stored securely on Axxerion’s powerful servers. These servers undergo routine back-ups frequently so that data is never lost. On the other hand, if you go ahead with an on-premise IWMS installation, then your data will be stored directly on the servers you have set up at your company’s location.

How long does IWMS implementation take?

The length of an IWMS implementation depends the size of the company, the number of modules needed, the amount of personal configuration desired, the level of support from the buyer’s maintenance and management teams, and the number of people who want to get trained. On average, Axxerion clients are set up with their IWMS within minutes, and they experience a full successful implementation within several weeks.

Can I customize Axxerion’s IWMS to my company’s needs?

Absolutely. Our software is highly configurable, and it is geared towards seamless integration and adaptation. Further, our team of implementation specialists are always available to assist with the planning and execution of a wide range of customization options. The Axxerion team of professionals is with you at every step of the post-purchase process to ensure that your company gets the maximum benefit out of our software solution.

What sets Axxerion’s IWMS apart?

Axxerion’s IWMS software solution is completely cloud-based, mobile, and easy-to-use. Our product can be used out of the box or completely configurable to your company’s needs – all at extremely competitive pricing options. Major companies across all industries – including Public Storage, Colliers, Garmin, and T-Mobile – trust our software to take care of their property, maintenance, space, energy and project management needs.