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Space Management & Reservations Software

Axxerion’s Space Management & Reservations module allows you to optimize your workspace. Plan moves, access interactive floor plans, implement hot-desking or hoteling, wayfind and navigate – through in-office kiosks, online or your mobile device.
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Axxerion Reservations is used by Deloitte at the “world’s greenest office building.” Bloomberg

  • – Make any space, vehicle, or tool reservable
  • – Mobile, Portal & Kiosk deployment via app
  • – Manage catering and purchases for meetings
  • – View calendar and floorplans online
  • – Get real-time data using integrated occupancy sensors
  • – Access any related photos and documents
  • – Setup approvals and notifications
  • – Easily manage financials for each reservation
  • – Reserve from Outlook and Exchange

Tracking & Scheduling: Reducing “No-Shows”

Reduce no-shows with notifications and confirmation reminders. Detect occupancy automatically with occupancy sensors in rooms and desks. Allow check-in and check-out of reservations via Mobile or Browser.

Mobile App

Utilize in-app check-in and check out and hot desk with QR and barcode scanning. Find and reserve spaces near colleagues using our software using any popular mobile device platforms.

Services Support

Setup a catalog of reservable items. Create purchase orders and receive/manage their related invoices. Create workflow tasks for space setup and cleanup. Collaborate with groups such as IT and Facilities, and utilized automatic workflow tasks for any needed approval(s).


Order food and drinks from designated catalogs. Automatic reserve correct quantities based on reservation head-count. Manage catalogs of consumable items, including their cost, chargebacks, and delivery notes.

Reports, Dashboards & Finances

Easily view dashboards with the up-to-the minute views of reservations, occupancy and finances, pertaining to a single area, several areas, or the entire portfolio. Utilize automatic invoicing (or chargeback) for reservations, equipment, and catering.


Integration with Outlook & Exchange

Utilize an outlook add-in for easy access to reservations. Automatically forward orders to the appropriate people within or outside the organization.


As your organization evolves, Axxerion evolves with you

Easy to Use and Highly Configurable:

Work with your own terminology, easily remove unwanted fields or steps or add new ones when needed. Define your own business processes.

Comprehensive Security:

Role based logins to accommodate different types of users and contractors and their access rights.

Global Search Capability:

Easily and instantly search and find any facility information in the database.

Automatic Review and Approvals:

Easily and graphically define workflow and approval processes for any item in the system.

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Space Management & Room Reservations FAQs

Here are the most common questions asked about space management and room reservation software.

What is space management software?

Space management software is an online platform that provides the tools for space planning, room reservations, and the overall optimization of the workspace. Space and occupancy data collected by space management software allows for the improvement of space utilization and reduces real estate costs, all while improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

What are the specific features that are included in a space management software solution?

With Axxerion’s space management software, you can do all of the following and much more:

  • Consolidate and visualize all of your floorplans in one interactive display
  • Create seating and neighborhood assignments
  • Enable desk-sharing and hoteling plans
  • Manage room, asset, and desk reservations
  • Plan and execute moves
  • Navigate the workplace via wayfinding and contact tracing
  • Manage building visitors
  • Request space services
  • Access key reporting and analytical tools

Why do I need space management software?

Manual space management systems – whether through pen and paper or endless Excel sheets – often lead to disorganization and confusion. Maintaining and sharing accurate and current data can be a real challenge in a manual system, and this stalls analytical efforts that would help optimize business insights. Using a cloud-based space management software like Axxerion can streamline all space planning and management tasks while collecting vital data points – all of which lead to decreased costs and increased productivity and efficiency.

How can space management software help me with space planning?

Axxerion’s space management software allows you to visualize and implement many different space planning events, whether it be growth, relocation, consolidation, merges, or restacking. It can also be used to create a workspace strategy whether that be agile, hoteling, 1:1, traditional, or a hybrid blend. Seating assignments and neighborhoods can be created and updated quickly as needed.

How can space management software help me with floor plans?

With our CAD integration capabilities, Axxerion’s space management software allows you to maintain, update and track your floor plans in one digital platform. Use existing drawings and CAD schematics to automatically create spaces and sections. Create interactive floor plans by assigning colors based on use, occupancy rate, and other user defined criteria. Attach DWG and DWF files to spaces and floors and review floor plans directly from within a space. All files can be converted to PDF format automatically.

How can space management software help me with reservations?

Our space management software allows building users to reserve a room, desk, or asset at any time and from anywhere – thanks to our scheduling system being accessible from any mobile device as well from on-site kiosks and room displays. Users can request equipment or services in addition to the room reservation, and pre and post-meeting cleanup can be automated. Reservation options are integrated with calendar apps like Microsoft Outlook, and confirmations and notifications regarding reservations can be personalized to your preferences.

How can space management software help me with wayfinding and contact tracing?

Integrated digital floorplans that are accessible on mobile and in-office platforms allow for the easy location of spaces, conference rooms, and desks. Our opt-in People Finder function allows for colleagues’ current locations within the building to be quickly discovered. Saved people finder data allows for easy contract tracing, through the historical review of which individuals may have been in contact with other individuals based on date, time and room/desk proximity.

How can space management software help me with hotdesking or hoteling?

Digital floor plans allow for visual assessment of which workspaces are open and where they are located. Wayfinding features help employees find their new seats for the day or help locate employees who have already been seated. Integrations to communication platforms allow for quicker contact amongst an agile workforce. Analytical reporting features on space and occupancy help you assess the optimization and efficacy of your hot desk/hoteling workspace plan.

How can the best space management software help me with moves?

Axxerion’s space management software allows you consolidate and streamline all the processes and operations that are involved when planning for moves, adds, and relocations within the workspace. Coordinately these moves visually and in real-time using your uploaded floor plans, and initiate moves for individuals and teams through quick and simple drag-and-drop functions. Create a move ticket that allows you to manage multiple move tasks that involve different groups such as: HR, IT, facilities, and security. View all move requests in a single workflow queue.

How can space management software help me with reporting and analytics?

Axxerion’s powerful analytical abilities management allows you to measure many different dimensions within the workplace, including: space utilization & efficiency patterns; headcount; density; vacancy & occupancy levels; ratios; capacity; churn and more. Instantly create graphical and tabular reports on any combination of these metrics.

Does your space management software offer IoT sensor integration?

Yes – Axxerion’s space management software offers a smart building solution that integrates the software with IoT space monitors and sensors that collect real-time data about your workspaces – whether that be comfort and safety levels or space occupancy and utilization.

What are the benefits of integrating IoT sensors and space monitors?

Sensors installed in conference rooms and other work spaces provide insight into the reality of space utilization within a building, such as whether or not people actually show up to their booked rooms. Real-time reservation data prevents unanticipated delays and pain points, such as having to kick out people who are in your reserved space. Additionally, sensors can measure a wide range of variables including temperature and humidity, which offers users of the space comfort and peace of mind.

What industries need space management software?

At the core of every organization and business is a workspace environment where employees can work individually and collaborate in teams. This reality cuts across all industries and sectors – whether its manufacturing & industrial; retail or finance; government or education, every sector offers space accommodations and needs to have a process in place to manage these spaces.

What are the benefits of employing the best space management software solution?

Optimizing your workplace with space management software helps you use building spaces more efficiently, which can lead to major cost savings when it comes to space accommodations and planning. Further, enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities increase data visibility and integrity, and as a result, smarter, more informed decision-making. Lastly, the ability to easily reserve spaces and experience the benefits of an optimized workspace environment leads to a more satisfied and productive workforce, resulting in better business outcomes. Get a free Axxerion Demo today and learn more!