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Case Study: Axxerion Streamlines Commercial Property Management for a Diverse Portfolio

By October 6, 2023October 9th, 2023No Comments

Client Profile

  • Commercial Property Management and Investment Company
  • Over 200 Properties
  • Managing 350 Suites
  • Overseeing Almost 300 Tenant Organizations
  • Expertise in Both Bank and Non-Bank Properties

Challenges: Our client, a prominent commercial property management and investment company, faced several challenges in efficiently managing their diverse portfolio. They needed a comprehensive solution to address the following needs:

  1. Property Manager Portals: Provide property managers with a dedicated portal to view and manage properties under their supervision, along with associated requests, work orders, inspections, and leases.
  2. Management and Back Office Oversight: Enable the management and back-office teams to gain a holistic view of all properties and access custom reporting tools to extract relevant information. For instance, the ability to retrieve data on open requests within specific date ranges or closed work orders assigned to particular vendors.
  3. CRM Integration: Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to streamline interactions with tenant organizations, vendors, and employees.
  4. Request Portal: Create a user-friendly request portal for tenants, property managers, and employees to submit maintenance requests, with features to track request dates, response times, and completion times. Allow requestors to select their issue from a customized list, which varies depending on property type (e.g., bank or non-bank).
  5. Workorder Management: Integrate a work order management tool to add one or multiple work orders to maintenance requests, assign vendors or internal technicians to each work order, and track job acceptance, progress, and completion times.
  6. Communication Hub: Facilitate seamless communication between the original requestor, property manager, and vendor as work orders progress and reach completion, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  7. Property Inspections: Develop customized property inspection forms for ten different property categories, each containing various inspection questions across twelve question categories. Enable the capture of unlimited photos for each question and automate the assignment of inspection forms to property managers on predefined schedules (e.g., every 6 months, quarterly, or monthly). Automatically generate work orders to address failed inspection items.
  8. Leasing Management: Streamline lease management by establishing connections between leased suites and tenants, tracking all tenant occupancies for each suite, and maintaining a record of all occupancies for each tenant. Automate lease financial adjustments based on contract terms, including square footage calculations and management of clauses, options, and amendments. Implement notifications for critical dates within leases.
  9. Custom Lease Templates: Generate customized lease templates containing all essential information, financial details, clauses, options, amendments, and more, automatically branded with the company logo and specified fonts for a professional appearance.

Axxerion’s Solution: Axxerion provided a comprehensive solution that addressed our client’s complex needs. With Axxerion’s robust software platform, the commercial property management and investment company achieved:

  • Property manager portals for streamlined property management.
  • Management and back-office oversight through custom reporting tools.
  • A CRM system for effective tenant, vendor, and employee interactions.
  • A user-friendly request portal for maintenance requests.
  • Work order management with vendor and technician assignments and real-time progress tracking.
  • Seamless communication channels between stakeholders.
  • Customized property inspection forms with photo capabilities.
  • Lease management automation with financial adjustments and notifications.
  • Professional lease templates with branded elements.

By partnering with Axxerion, our client not only improved operational efficiency but also enhanced tenant satisfaction and gained a competitive edge in the dynamic commercial property management landscape. Axxerion’s tailored solutions revolutionized their approach to managing properties, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry.

For more information on how Axxerion can transform your property management processes, please contact us today.