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Why Axxerion:
  • Configurable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Robust reporting
Axxerion Modules Used:
  • Work Order Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

The Challenge: In Need of a Digital Upgrade

Before Axxerion, the company relied on word of mouth and a paper-based system to carry out their maintenance operations. This posed many challenges for the maintenance team, as it was hard to track what tasks each team member was working on an any given moment. It became increasingly inefficient to check in on the status of work orders and communicate in a streamlined manner.

Further, controlling purchasing proved to be a source of excessive spending because the maintenance staff did not have a proper way to update and track their inventory and assets. This meant team members were spending money on purchasing materials they already had in stock.

Considering these challenges, the Claiborne team was ready for a digital upgrade. They wanted to invest in a cloud-based CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) where they could assign and track work orders, schedule preventative maintenance, monitor inventory and assets, and carry out robust reporting.

The Solution: Axxerion CMMS

After conducting their search for a cloud-based CMMS, the company team chose Axxerion because the software was highly configurable, affordable, easy-to-use, and had robust reporting capabilities.

Axxerion offered the company a one-stop-shop software platform where they could organize and execute all of their maintenance operations, including: preventative maintenance, work orders, inventory management, EAM, and data analytics.

As a result, it became much easier for the company maintenance team to keep track of work orders and schedule preventative maintenance across the entire organization, whether it be with housekeeping, a contractor or an executive.

The regional maintenance director, is greatly benefitting from the enhanced visibility into his team’s operations. “It’s really helpful to be able to check in on the status of my maintenance team at any time of the day,” he said. “I can see who is doing what, and it helps me gauge what to expect and how to prioritize.”

The maintenance team is now working with Axxerion to set up their inventory management module. This will allow the team to track their stock with barcode scanning capabilities and better monitor their purchasing.

The Outcome: Experience & Results

Overall, the company has had an excellent experience using Axxerion’s CMMS software and working with the Axxerion implementation team. “Our Axxerion implementation team is great,” says the director, “If I ever have an issue, they are ready to help. It’s awesome.”

Using Axxerion CMMS has helped increase the efficiency of the company’s maintenance operation, improve response times, and help cut down on costs and materials.

“It’s a great software, Axxerion is easy to use, and our maintenance team loves it. We are really happy with our choice.”

Axxerion is easy to use, and our maintenance team loves it. We are really happy with our choice.

Regional Director

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