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Client Spotlight:

Integrate Comfort Systems

Integrate Comfort Systems

Integrate Comfort Systems (ICS) is the top commercial HVAC contractor company in New York & New Jersey. Founded in 1990, ICS has been offering HVAC design, installation, service for over 30 years to commercial, industrial, and residential clients. ICS has been successfully carrying out HVAC service projects with various scopes of work and technologies to a wide range of companies and organizations.

  • Belleville, NJ
  • Commercial HVAC Services
Number of Customers:
  • 1000+
Number of Employees:
  • 65+
Why Axxerion:
  • Flexible and adaptive software
  • Advanced integration capabilities
  • Mobile app
Axxerion Modules Used:
  • Work Order Management
  • Contract Management
  • Bidding & Quotations
  • CRM
  • Financials & Accounting

The Challenge: Outdated Software

Designing, installing, and servicing HVAC systems requires an all-in-one software solution that can help handle the complex, multi-faceted operations of a HVAC services business. The software should increase the efficiency of the operation, improve response times and help cut down on costs and materials.

ICS needed a platform where they could communicate with their clients, submit quotes, create service contracts, schedule and track service jobs, dispatch technicians and carry out financials and invoicing.

ICS was previously using DATABASICS, a time and expense software platform, to help with their operations. However, they struggled with some of its outdated and limited features. They needed a software platform that offered a mobile app so that they could carry out their operations directly from the field. They also needed software that could integrate with other technology platforms, like Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign, Twilio, and XOi.

The Solution: Axxerion CMMS

Axxerion offered ICS a one-stop-shop software platform where they could organize and execute all of their operations, including capabilities for: contracted preventative maintenance, work orders, client relations, bidding and quotations, service contracts, accounting, and project management.

In addition to its comprehensive software features, what really sold ICS was the fact that Axxerion could easily be configured to adapt to the company’s own unique needs and operations – through integration capabilities, email and SMS features, a mobile app, and automated workflows.

“Axxerion offered us flexibility so that we can easily tailor the software to exactly what we need,” said ICS principal Chris Wisniewski.

The Progress: Axxerion Implementation & Uses

ICS is using Axxerion for many different facets of their operations. They use Axxerion’s built-in CRM to communicate with clients and manage their sales pipeline.

With Axxerion, ICS easily creates and sends quotes to clients, and then turns the quotes into service contracts, purchase orders and work orders. The company keeps all of their SLA and preventative maintenance contracts organized with Axxerion’s CLM, and quickly creates custom contracts that cover different pieces of equipment as well as a wide range of services. 

ICS also uses Axxerion’s work order management tools to manage, monitor, and automate customer service requests and field service work orders. The software platform provides ICS with the tools to manage technicians’ workloads and track their whereabouts during the day with built-in GIS capabilities.

Axxerion’s preventative maintenance capabilities allows ICS to stay on top of preventative maintenance services as well, with maintenance schedules for inspections, chiller benchmarks, filter changes, and more.

Further, ICS also uses Axxerion for their finances and accounting, including General Ledgers, Invoicing (AP & AR), payment processing, P&L, balance sheets, cost centers, budgets & approvals, bank reconciliations and more.

The Outcome: Experience & Results

ICS has been using Axxerion software since 2016 and has had a great experience. “The Axxerion team is fantastic,” says Wisniewski. “The personnel I am involved with are extremely knowledgeable and supportive.”

Wisniewski considers having Axxerion software as a major “pain relief”. “It’s really nice to be able to continually adapt the system to us, rather than forcing ourselves to adapt to the system.”

The reporting and analytics that Axxerion provides has also helped increase visibility and transparency through the company. “The number of reports and their flexibility really help me dive deep,” says Wisniewski.

Having an adaptive and flexible software like Axxerion has proved to be very helpful during the challenges posed by COVID-19. The pandemic has forced ICS to target new markets, expanding beyond commercial B2B relationships and working on a B2C level.

“Working with the Axxerion team, we are able to easily change and update our workflow in order to serve a new market,” says Wisniewski.

And since the new realities of remote work make processing invoices on an office B2B level challenging, ICS technicians are able to use the Axxerion mobile app to produce invoices on the spot while working in the field.

In the future, ICS is excited to continue working with Axxerion on new projects.

"Axxerion offers us the flexibility to easily tailor the software to exactly what we need. It’s really nice to be able to continually adapt the system to us, rather than force ourselves to adapt to the system."

Chris WisniewskiPrincipal, ICS
Integrate Comfort Systems

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