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Across all sectors and industries, many organizations own or rent vehicles to help run their operations. However, maintaining a fleet can be a very challenging and time-consuming task – no matter if it is entails managing a fleet of 100 vehicles or 100,000.

In order to manage a fleet’s maintenance operations in a manner that’s efficient and cost-effective, it is critical that fleet managers implement a proactive maintenance system as opposed to one that is reactive. In fact, research shows that over 75% of fleet managers turn to fleet management software, such as a CMMS for fleet management, in order to get the job done.

What is a Fleet?

A fleet is an overarching term for a group of vehicles that is owned or leased by an organization such as a business or government firm. A fleet can consist of any type of vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, boats – even golf carts. As long as the group of vehicles require fuel or charging as well as regular maintenance, they can be considered a part of a fleet.

Fleets are used by organizations that rely specifically on vehicles, such as a car rental companied or transport groups, but fleets are also used by many different companies that may need to transport persons or products.

Fleets are most often managed by fleet managers or transport managers. These managers rely on fleet management software (FMS) such as a CMMS in order to successfully maintain their vehicles.

What is CMMS for Fleet Management?

CMMS for fleet management is software that streamlines the maintenance operations for an organization’s fleet. Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management offers a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that allows fleet managers and other personnel to carry out all the tasks, operations, and events related to a fleet’s maintenance.

This includes fleet preventative maintenance; fleet information storage; fleet asset history; fleet leases, licensing, and insurance; fleet vendor management; fleet work orders; and fleet cost management – along with many other features.

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management can be easily customized and scaled for any type and size of fleet and to the unique needs of the company or organization. The system can manage fleets on one single site or fleets that are dispersed across multiple sites nationally or globally.

Benefits of Using a CMMS for Fleet Management

There are many major benefits that result from implementing a fleet management system such as that of Axxerion CMMS. These include extending the lifespan of vehicles, improving vehicle safety, reducing vehicle maintenance costs, and more.

With Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management, fleet managers can execute their jobs in a more efficient and effective manner through seamless workflows, proper tracking, and powerful analytics. By being able to keep a pulse on the status of their fleet at all times, managers can make data-driven, real-time decisions that optimize the management and performance of their fleets.

Here are some of the many improvements that come with using a CMMS for fleet management:

  • Minimized vehicle downtime and increased uptime
  • Enhanced reporting on vehicle metrics and financials
  • Increased efficiency from automated maintenance processes
  • Better compliance and document management
  • Increased visibility and accountability
  • Enhanced collaboration across different management teams and vendors
  • Increase flexibility in fleet management through mobile capabilities
  • Better customer service and satisfaction

These benefits are a result of the many different services and features offered by a CMMS for fleet management. Let’s take a closer look at the specific features of Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management.

Axxerion CMMS for Fleet Maintenance: Comprehensive Suite of Functions

Axxerion’s fleet management CMMS is unparalleled in its wide range and flexibility of software offerings for maintaining a fleet.  The system can store an unlimited amount of information on as many vehicles and vehicle-related equipment as needed. It’s tracking and reporting features mean that a whole array of data – whether its fuel usage or PM KPIs – can be utilized for proper decision-making. And its powerful workflow ensures optimal collaboration and teamwork for work orders, preventative maintenance, vendor management, and more.

Below, we provide detailed descriptions of the main features offered in Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet maintenance management:

Fleet Information Management

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management stores all information on company vehicles and relating documentation in one centralized and organized platform. The system can easily store and retrieve detailed fleet information specific to each vehicle in the fleet. These vehicle details and documentation include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle images and manuals
  • Barcodes
  • VIN and serial numbers
  • Manufacturer details
  • Leases and other contracts
  • Insurance information
  • Vehicle location
  • Warranties
  • Fuel and fluid information (gas, oil, lubricant, diesel)
  • Tire information
  • Management information (who is assigned to the vehicle)
  • Preferred vendors and parts

The entire history of each fleet vehicle can also be tracked and referred to. These fleet history details include but are not limited to:

  • Acquisition and installation dates
  • Inspection dates
  • Total mileage
  • Meter readings
  • Total fuel Consumption
  • Comprehensive work order history
  • Repair cost summaries by parts
  • Vendor relations history

Fleet Acquisition Management

Whether an organization is purchasing or leasing vehicles for their fleet, it is important that information related to fleet acquisition is tracked and reported. Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management creates and stores information and contracts related to the dates of vehicle acquisition, the parties involved, and the corresponding financial transactions.

Vehicles also need to be registered with their proper local authorities, and registrations need to be renewed in a timely fashion. Axxerion’s CMMS provides reminders and assistance with completing routine fleet registration.

Vehicles within a fleet can be assigned or reassigned to different locations and/or persons. This type of assignment is conducted, updated and stored directly within Axxerion’s CMMS so that all vehicles are accounted for at all times.

As for vehicle insurance and claim management, Axxerion’s CMMS keeps track of the renewal dates, coverages and certificates for multiple types of insurance. When an accident happens, the system provides an easy-to-use form for submitting a claim. The claim submission process then proceeds to follow a necessary workflow for notifications and approvals by management, legal and financial departments. The claims are automatically followed up with until they are resolved.

Fleet Preventive Maintenance

An effective preventative maintenance program lies at the heart of each fleet manager’s maintenance strategy for the upkeep of the vehicles within an organization. Companies cannot afford unplanned vehicle damage and downtime as it can be very costly for the entire organization.

Thus, each vehicle within a company’s fleet needs to be proactively managed so as to receive routine service procedures such as oil changes, break tune ups, tire rotations and alignments, and more.

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management allows managers to schedule these preventive maintenance (PM) service items based on criteria specific to an organization’s needs – such as by mileage, run time, or date intervals. The CMMS system issues reminders based on these preventative maintenance schedules and generates the necessary work-orders for performing the required services. This ensures maintenance compliance and prevents vehicle downtime.

Fleet Service Requests & Work Orders

With Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management, vehicle issues are easily reported and resolved through its work order management offerings. Service requests can be submitted when an issue is discovered with the fleet. Electronic work orders are then created and assigned to technicians or outsourced vendors.

Axxerion’s CMMS work orders provide detailed and customizable line items for cost, labor and parts; documents and images; barcodes, technicians and bids; and more. Service work can start right away and be tracked from start to finish, including tracking options for service duration and automatic inventory updates based on used parts.

Axxerion’s work order system also makes it easy to set up vehicle inspections, and work orders can be tied directly to invoicing and payment options so that all tasks get completed within the one-stop-shop CMMS platform.

Fleet Vendor Management

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management supports the entire outsourced service procurement lifecycle for vehicle maintenance. This allows managers to streamline the bidding, contracting, purchase order, work order, and invoicing processes involved with third-party service procurement. In addition, managers benefit from real-time service tracking and reporting to increase visibility in the vendor relations process.

Further, the system shows how much spend is occurring for different service items from different vendors. This informs future maintenance third-party spending and maintains competitive pricing agreements. And costs are kept lower overall by setting up auto-approval and auto-rejection limits in bidding packages.

Fleet Financials and Depreciation

Axxerion’s fleet management CMMS maintains complete financial information on fleet vehicles such as original price, current resale value, replacement value. It also depreciates the vehicle based on the appropriate depreciation formula. If vehicles within the fleet are leased, the lease term, payments and usage are tracked by within the CMMS.

Axxerion’s CMMS also helps control total costs by providing analytical breakdowns into spending by each vehicle and service item. All expenses are tracked so that it is easy to identify and amend cost inefficiencies through this type of data-based decision-making.

Mobile and GPS Options for Fleet Management

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management is a fully mobile system that can be accessed through any device via browser or app – at any time and from anywhere. This makes it easy to check in on fleet status, work orders, and service repairs from the office, at home or in the field. It also allows for direct communication with team members and vendors within the CMMS system itself.

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management also offers GPS integration, so that GPS coordinates are recorded for each vehicle and any technicians driving or working on a vehicle. This eliminates any doubt on where a fleet is at any given time and creates accountability when it comes to who is handling the vehicles.

Summary: Streamline, Automate, and Optimize with Axxerion CMMS for Fleet Management

A digital fleet maintenance management software solution like Axxerion CMMS revamps an organization’s fleet management operations through streamlining, automation and optimization. As a result, organizations will experience many benefits when it comes to maintaining their fleet, such as:

Streamlined Processes

Instead of juggling several different software solutions, applications and programs to manage the different aspects of fleet maintenance operations, Axxerion’s CMMS provides a wide range of capabilities and services through one cloud-based and mobile platform.

Digital Automation

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management also eliminates tons of wasted time lost to manual tasks like data entry, file organization and miscommunication. Instead, it automates processes and seamlessly organizes data within its a powerful online database. Forget about post-it notes full of reminders and to-dos – the CMMS provides timely notifications for all important fleet maintenance matters.

Complete Optimization

Axxerion’s CMMS for fleet management offers full optimization of an organization’s fleet maintenance operations. Through its cutting-edge tracking and reporting abilities, it offers managers heightened levels of visibility and transparency throughout the fleet management cycle, in addition to real-time data on usage, cost, and other criteria. This means that management can make informed, data-based decisions that will optimize spending and vehicle maintenance.

“With the help of Axxerion, CHR was able to create a complete preventative maintenance and tracking system for our fleet of 90 vehicles!”

Michele GaudetCFO, Community Health Resources

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