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Axxerion offers powerful, highly configurable CMMS and IWMS software that are completely role-based. This means our products are specially customized for each type of user, whether it be a maintenance manager, a tenant or a vendor. This allows for the optimization and personalization of the user experience, which means your organization can get the most out of our software.

Axxerion provides both out-of-the-box and customized portals with features that are configured to the needs of the users in your organization. Learn more about our configurable user portal offerings below:

Axxerion Portal Layout and Aesthetic Options:

1. In-System Portals

In-System portals use Axxerion’s out-of-the-box layout but offer the customization of colors, logos as well as shortcut buttons and side tabs.

2. HTML Customized Portals

HTML Customized Portals allow for a more customized look and feel that is specific to the company aesthetic. Axxerion creates a visual user interface based on organizational preferences and requirements.

3. Embedded Portals for Client Websites

Simplified portals can also be embedded directly into a company website so that tenants/clients can easily submit service requests and vendors can access work orders or submit applications.

User-Specific Axxerion Portals:

1. Vendor & Contractor Portal

Axxerion offers organizations the option of a specialized vendor portal. This portal enables third-party service providers to log into the system with limited access to a carefully-selected set of features so they can view and complete work orders, update asset/inventory details, add notes, submit invoices, and communicate with facilities managers.

With this portal, in-house facilities teams and outsourced technicians can collaborate on maintenance within the same system so that all operations are streamlined, service is tracked, changes are updated in real-time, and the entire service procurement process is completed in one location from start to finish.

Vendor Application Portals can also be set up for new potential service providers. These application submissions, upon approval, will automatically turn into vendor contacts within Axxerion’s vendor management system.

2. Tenant Portal

Axxerion’s user-friendly tenant portal is available 24/7 and accessible on all mobile devices. Through the tenant portal, tenants can review and sign leases; make and track rental payments; submit and track service requests; easily communicate with property management and staff; and access key documents and regulation handbooks.

Further, if the property provides shared spaces and resources such as a meeting room, the tenant portal allows tenants to easily check amenity availability and make reservations.

3. Manager Portal – Full Access

Axxerion’s manager portal offers maintenance managers and system administrators full access to all modules, applications and sites.

This allows facilities leaders and upper management to access and update all maintenance and property data; create preventative maintenance schedules; carry out work orders; manage assets and inventory; create analytical reports; facilitate invoicing and accounting; move through the entire contract lifecycle process; manage tenants and more.

The portal is extensive and includes customized shortcut buttons to all important modules in addition to personalized widgets and dashboards.

4. Employee Portals – Customized Limited Access

Axxerion offers a customized portal for employees who are not fully involved in facilities and property management but may need to use the system for service requests, reservations, contacts, contracts, and tasks. These users can access the system through a secure login portal via desktop or mobile app to easily carry out a basic set of necessary functions as determined by upper management.

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