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In repair and maintenance activities, work orders are generated and assigned to technicians or outside vendors. Some work orders are simple and require just one visit before they are closed. In some other cases, the technician may need to come back to continue the work, or order parts and return when the part is available. In some cases, the technician who was originally assigned, may need to bring on additional resources or reassign to another technician who is specialized in the matter at hand.

The above process requires very easy ways of communicating with CMMS and register the activities. This is where Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or SMS communications can significantly help if they are properly integrated with the CMMS.

Axxerion CMMS/IWMS Seamlessly Integrates with Twilio

Axxerion CMMS integration with Twilio provides the following:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for technicians, vendors and service providers responding to CMMS work orders
  • Interactive SMS for responding to work orders

IVR and SMS communications are completely integrated with Axxerion workflow which facilitates attending to any CMMS activities using a mobile device or a laptop from anywhere. All history and audit trails are recorded in the system. Approvals and email notifications work with the IVR and SMS functions.  Separately, Axxerion detects and records the GPS locations for all activities in work orders.

Axxerion is highly configurable and can tailor the IVR and SMS process for each client as needed as a part of their implementation.  As its initial release of Twilio integration, Public Storage is rolling out the system to more than 2,500 locations in the US which are serviced by more than 2,000 vendors and service providers nationwide.


Twilio is a cloud-based platform for setting up custom IVR and SMS messages. Twilio accommodates branching logic based on the responses and provides a variety of options for setting up conditionals. It also has tools for interactive communication with other systems.

Axxerion CMMS

Axxerion by Spacewell is a cloud-based facilities and maintenance management system. Spacewell has been serving this market since 1989 with many clients internationally. Axxerion clients use the system in management of repair and maintenance as well as capital expenditure. The system can manage the workload for internal technicians as well as the work that is farmed out to service providers and vendors. For more information, please review .

Axxerion CMMS Easy Portal for Technicians

To make the technicians’ life easier, Axxerion provides a technician portal available on laptop, tablets and smart phones. It makes it very easy for a technician to check-in or check-out, set the status of work order appropriately such as ‘part on order’, ‘work in progress’, etc. All without needing to login. The system recognizes an assigned technician by their id and the id of the work order.

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Public Storage

Axxerion CMMS