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Maintenance management solutions used to be exclusive to manufacturing plants and other heavy-duty industries. But with time, more organizations in every industry imaginable have come to recognize the undeniable benefits of maintenance software – including churches. It’s not hard to see why this is happening.

A church is a place that offers succor and a sense of belonging to the public in our fast-changing world. Therefore, these buildings attract a lot of people almost every day of the week. With multiple services holding every week, these buildings are prone to deteriorating rapidly if they lack a dedicated preventive maintenance program.

Plus, church structures today are becoming more sophisticated in response to the higher tastes of the modern congregation. It’s not uncommon to find heating systems, elevators, air conditioning, fire fighting, intricate lighting and sound systems, high-tech audiovisual installations, etc in many of these buildings. That’s beside the physical structure itself that requires constant attention.

But despite having all these systems, churches are still largely non-profit establishments. Obviously, running a church is becoming more challenging.

The typical church leader wants to focus on the spiritual development of their congregation as well as on how to build a more empowered and cohesive community. That brings us to the question: How can church administrators manage all these systems in the most cost-effective manner and keep their members safe every service without losing focus of their core mission? This may sound like a tall order, but not when you are using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

What Can A CMMS Do For Your Church?

A CMMS is designed to simplify the process of managing multiple assets in accordance with maintenance best practices even when these assets are scattered across several different locations. A few of the many CMMS functionalities that a church would find beneficial include:

Facilitating Preventive Maintenance

Emergency repairs are one of the most notorious sources of wasted funds. It’s always a better practice to plan and schedule activities like inspections and preventive servicing of machines than rushing to repair them after an unplanned shutdown.

If you have ever experienced a HVAC system or lighting system failure during a crowded church service, then you already understand firsthand why getting a CMMS solution is a priority for your church.

The software comes with user-friendly dashboards that make it easy to schedule preventive maintenance tasks and track their progress.

Improving Safety

CMMS software allows its users to include very detailed instructions for each task. This means that any job that has been executed in the past can easily be replicated over and over again with the same safety instructions or other kinds of details. This way, new staff or volunteers can get access to a safer and shorter learning curve.

That aside, you can monitor the condition of systems like fire-fighting, elevators, and core electrical equipment all with a few clicks. This helps to safeguard your congregation and reduces your liability risks.

A CMMS will also help you issue and track work orders, manage staff and volunteers, reduce energy consumption, control maintenance costs, and achieve so much more.

Ultimately, you’re getting a tool that helps to ensure everything is working smoothly behind the scenes.

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