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The typical data center today is much different from what you would have found at a standard data center one or two decades ago. Back then, you could expect to see large rooms full of computers. Today, data centers have become more modular with a focus on providing a central space where networks can exchange critical information.

But whatever the changes may be, there are still some basic concerns for data center owners. For one thing, although the size of the operations makes some difference, data centers are generally “energy-hungry” as they consume considerable amounts of power to operate.

Secondly, data centers these days are supporting websites from every industry out there as well as cloud-hosted software applications. Remaining operational means that they require adequate cooling technology and other vital supporting systems to preserve the integrity of their equipment and facilities as a whole.

To manage all these responsibilities, data center managers need resources that help them achieve the following key things:

  • Get insight into specific areas of their operations.
  • Empower them to monitor the performance of their systems across several locations.
  • Better energy management.
  • Optimize the utilization of existing equipment to achieve the best cost benefits.
  • Better equipment life-cycle management especially for critical assets.

All the above, and much more, are achievable with a well-implemented maintenance management strategy supported by automation – such as you would get with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). CMMS backed maintenance is the best platform to help data centers track, measure, and improve their performance across-the-board.

How A CMMS Supports Data Center Maintenance Management

Let’s look at just a few of the several functions that CMMS can help with at a data center:

Schedule Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Data center equipment like power distribution units, air conditioners, access control systems, fire protection (suppression and fighting) systems, generators, etc, all do better on a regimen of frequent preventive maintenance. This is essential to prevent crippling outages and downtime, and to minimize the increased costs of deferred maintenance. However, frequent checks and inspections are a vital part of preventive maintenance. It may sound simple enough but inspecting every single item can be tricky especially across several locations. Also, technicians often forget inspections.

With a CMMS, you can program your desired inspection schedule along with any required checklists and instructions, then have the software send out alerts to staff well ahead of time. Technicians no longer have to worry about remembering every detail, no asset is forgotten, and avoidable failures are minimized thereby creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Improve Safety

Data centers are rife with hazards and service technicians need to be aware of this fact. Utilize CMMS to standardize and document step-by-step instructions for every preventive maintenance task. You can also include specific instructions like lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures to help reduce the risk of human error and complacency interfering with routine maintenance tasks.

Energy Management

Use its energy management features to proactively manage energy consumption in real-time. Receive alerts when meter readings approach certain threshold levels e.g from normal to warning and critical.

Definitely, data centers that don’t adopt preventive maintenance measures are setting themselves up for failure and inefficiencies. But with Axxerion’s easy to use cloud-based solution, there is no reason to continue battling with maintenance problems at your data center.

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