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Power plants provide one of the most basic and widely used services found anywhere today – electricity supply. It’s safe to say that modern business, and life, would be seriously difficult without electricity. As a result, power plants have become an integral part of everyday life. However, power plants are one of the most dangerous places to be if things go wrong.

Considering the fact that some of these facilities are nuclear-powered, power plants require the most vigilant levels of operational excellence. Preferably, based on meticulous maintenance management programs that will enable the plant to keep running safely and efficiently.

Apart from the need to create a zero-error environment, power plants are subject to stringent regulations and controls. The management and maintenance standards that they must meet are non-negotiable because of the risks involved. Consequently, remaining compliant, organizing their workforce, keeping staff safe, and monitoring all the machines for peak efficiency can become extremely challenging without some level of automation.

In addition to the above requirements, power plant maintenance often includes activities like installation and commissioning of a variety of electronic and pneumatic equipment that are required for electric power generation. All this adds up to a lot of responsibilities.

That’s why more and more power plants are turning to computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to help them meet all the required maintenance regulations and achieve their targeted levels of efficiency, power output, compliance, and safety performance.

A CMMS software will help to accelerate safety and productivity in a power plant in several ways, especially because of its special focus on proactive maintenance activities.

Exactly Why Power Plants Need CMMS Software

A CMMS will help power plants with the following:

Maintenance Planning

The software allows you to plan every maintenance activity well in advance. Imagine the possibilities and immediate benefits of eliminating paper-based maintenance recording and scheduling.

You can create work orders for each maintenance task and include even the most minute details. It allows you to include special instructions in the form of text, pictures, and videos to guide technicians when carrying out delicate and sensitive tasks. Also, you can add vital safety information such as details of required PPE, you can schedule workflow for multiple staff, then collect and manipulate different maintenance data to suit your needs all with a few clicks.

Asset Management

Machines that are well-maintained and kept in optimal running condition will help to lower overall maintenance costs. Such assets are also more likely to remain safe and functional beyond their expected lifespan.

The preventive maintenance features in a CMMS can automate the process of scheduling inspections for different types of operational equipment. Your staff will receive work orders automatically to ensure that they never miss inspections. This puts your plant in a better position to pass regulatory audits and meet compliance standards that demand the highest levels of maintenance management.

Predictive Maintenance

The more conventional methods of maintenance – e.g. time-based preventive maintenance – will simply not do for the core equipment at power plants. That said, the benefits of gathering and analyzing machine data in real-time cannot be overemphasized.

For mission-critical equipment, we recommend the most advanced levels of proactive maintenance – that is, condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance (PdM). Using PdM, you can access real-time machine data and receive alerts that will warn you about potential equipment failure and give your team enough time to quickly intervene.

The advantage of this kind of insight is unbeatable.

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There’s even more that our software can do for your power plant. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a safer facility, maximized plant availability, and achieve peak operating capacity. Do you run a power plant? Schedule a demo today. Let’s talk and find out how we can help you achieve operational excellence.

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