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Excel spreadsheets have been a means of storing company information since the creation of Excel spreadsheets. In reality, using spreadsheets like this were a huge leap from written records. Therefore, you may feel like this is an efficient way of organizing the data in your self-storage business. As neat as Excel spreadsheets are, spreadsheets are restricted and cannot do everything that CMMS can. Your self-storage company might not have CMMS installed or if you do, you may still be using Excel spreadsheets. This is why we are going to do over what the differences are between CMMS and Excel spreadsheets to help you decide which is the best option for your data storage.

At the surface, what is the difference between CMMS and Excel Spreadsheets? Well, a quick comparison is that Excel Spreadsheets are a computerized application to help store data and provide services, such as calculating formulas that have been input. CMMS is a software program that can be installed to collect data and help manage your company.

Excel Spreadsheets for Self-Storage Companies

The most common spreadsheets service is the Microsoft Excel. This application has been around since its introduction in 1985. Since then, it has become the standard for most companies, especially self-storage companies. For those who have had a business for a long time, Microsoft Excel was most likely all that was available. Business have entrusted Excel spreadsheets with analysis of their data and for the most part, it’s worked. If it isn’t broke, right?

The thing is, though; businesses want more than just what Excel spreadsheets can offer. Your self-storage company has outgrown the scope of what spreadsheets can do and that is where CMMS comes in.

What Can CMMS Do for Self-Storage Companies

CMMS is used for all kinds of tasks. Whether it comes to keeping track of work orders, inventory, and budgeting, CMMS has a wide array of functions that can help out with your self-storage company. Instead of simply installing your CMMS software without fully knowing what it can do, look into what your CMMS comes with. CMMS can manage warranties, alert you when inventory is running low, provide mobile tracking, and can be used for accounting purposes.

CMMS vs Excel

Here is a quick comparison of the two:

  • Excel spreadsheets can assist in calculations and analysis. You can input formulas and be able to figure out financial difficulties with ease. CMMS, though; can perform more complex functions, faster than Excel spreadsheets.
  • Did you know that 84% of spreadsheets contain incorrect data? This is where your inventory goes wrong, as well as your budgeting for audit season. This is due to the fact that humans input the information into spreadsheets and there’s a little something called human error that gets in the way of accuracy. CMMS is a more secure and smarter functioning program that greatly reduces this error rate.

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In conclusion, you should utilize your CMMS more. Excel spreadsheets should not be what you primarily use and in reality, you don’t need to use them anymore. For any questions on CMMS, you can take a lot at our free demo. We explain everything you need to know about CMMS and why our company is the right company to go to for your implementation.

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