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A Software Solution Designed with Residential Property Management in Mind

Axxerion offers property management software for single and multi-family residencies, student housing, retirement communities, HOA, COA and mixed portfolio businesses. With automated workflows, real-time analytics, built-in accounting, and complete mobile accessibility, our software-as-a-service is a complete solution to all your residential real estate management needs.

Integrate the operational, maintenance and financial procedures of your residential property portfolio with our one-stop-shop solution. Read on to learn more about how IWMS software can help with residential property management.

Our Residential Property Management Software Suite of Functions:

Our platform offers you access to a full-service package covering three major areas: leasing & tenant management, facilities & maintenance management, and accounting & finance.

Leasing & Tenant Management

Optimize and streamline all of your leasing and tenant management activities with Axxerion’s lease management module and tenant portal. Axxerion’s lease management module provides you with control over every facet of your lease obligations, while the secure tenant portal keeps residents informed and connected to property managers and maintenance staff. Explore our wide offering of lease and tenant management functions below:

Lease Management and Tracking

Store and retrieve key lease documents in a central repository, and access or revise them at any time. Generate leases based on customized templates and Axxerion will insert lease terms and finances in the correct spots.

Set up and track lease dates such as lease sign date, lease start date, lease expiration date and lease termination date. Easily create date reminders for renewals, escalations, and payments in order to effectively track leases and their status.

With the new laws such as ASC 842 (FASB) and IFRS, it may be required to capitalize the leases and amortize the rent amount over the life of the lease.  Axxerion has automated this process so that with a few clicks you will be able to capitalize one or more leases and generate the capitalization tables.

Rent Collection

Maximize cash flow and minimize rent collection hassle with our convenient and fully automated online payment processing setup. Axxerion offers the convenience of automated accounts receivable for your residential property portfolio. Tenant payments are made seamlessly online through a tenant portal.

Tenants and property managers can receive advance notifications on rent due dates as well as confirmations of rent payment. Late fees can be automated to save time and hassle.

Tenant Portal

Axxerion’s user-friendly tenant portal is available 24/7 and accessible on all mobile devices. Through the portal, prospects can submit applications, tenants can review and sign leases, make rent payments, submit maintenance and service requests, request a change/move, and easily communicate with property management and staff.

Occupancy & Space Management

Manage your occupancy and vacancies with instant reports on who occupies what space and which areas are vacant. With a single click, view the history of a lease and its related spaces and occupancy. You can also get an instant view of your projections.

Integrate our platform with tenant screening applications to ensure a secure move-in process with low-risk tenants.

Tenant Move Out and Fix-Up

Tenants that intend to move out can log in the required information, which generates notifications that prompt maintenance staff to inspect the property. Checklists are also available to guide the final inspection process related to all end-of-tenancy matters such as checking for damages to the property, thorough cleaning, and removal of all personal effects.

Marketing and Prospecting

You can manage the prospective tenants in the system and keep track of all communications. The system can integrate with sites for the listing of available units.

Facilities & Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is a vital part of preserving your property portfolio. Our software solution helps you simplify and speed up your maintenance operations. Easily plan, perform and budget your maintenance activities. Schedule, automate and monitor preventive maintenance on your key assets. Check out all of our FM offerings:

Work Order Management

Axxerion’s work order management module allows you to keep track of the progress of work orders. Generate and issue work orders for vendors and your technicians based on inspection reports and requests from the tenants. Track each work order from start to finish through the work order management module.

Work orders can be carried out within a contractual framework, and a team of individuals can be assigned to each one. Further, you can create different work order categories, each with its own unique workflow, and configure access privileges per user group.

Preventative Maintenance

Create a preventative maintenance calendar and schedule work orders and inspections accordingly. Receive notifications about upcoming inspections based on the maintenance calendar. Inspection notifications are accompanied by checklists detailing more information for the technicians. Use these inspections to monitor the condition of the property, check how tenants are using the premises, and quickly spot any potential repair or maintenance issues, which can be inputted into the work order management flow.

Asset Management

Axxerion’s enterprise assets & inventory (EAM) module allows you to easily manage your properties’ assets such as HVAC, electrical, vehicles, etc. Store and track information about an asset’s age, warranty, condition, inventory level, value and replacement cost. Perform purchasing and asset depreciation calculations. Assign assets to users and allow for the reservation of shared assets, complete with check-in and check-out functionality.

Costs & Quotations

Quotations can be generated within the framework of a work order, allocating the resources and hours/manpower required. Projected costs of a work order can be compared to the real costs at any time, and projected hours can be compared to real hours.


Monitor your building projects at any time and from anywhere. Axxerion allows for centralized management and control of all project documents, blueprint viewing and management, budget monitoring and accounting, report generation, and real-time collaboration and communication across management, vendors, and staff.

Financial Management & Accounting

Axxerion’s web-based accounting and financial management module can handle multiple General Ledgers and is fully integrated within our contract, property, and maintenance management solutions. The system serves as a centralized repository for all property-related financial information. Learn more below:

Lease Payments & Finances

Manage invoices and payment requests, common area maintenance, property budgets, rent calculations, and chargebacks. Use Axxerion’s built-in accounting system to itemize lease finances and for A/R and A/P automation.

General Ledger and Purchase Orders

Use multiple Ledgers to track transactions related to your company’s assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, revenue, and expenses. Issue purchase orders for services, materials, and inventory. Generate automatic receipts of goods against the PO to release for payment.

Owner and HOA reports are readily available or can be issued on a schedule.

Budgets, Approvals, and Currencies

Use our flexible budgeting functionality to handle variances, budgeted vs. committed vs. actual, and more. Easily manage multiple currencies and their conversions.

Chart of Accounts & Reports

Utilize a custom chart of accounts to organize your finances. Segregate expenditures, revenue, assets, and liabilities to better understand your financial health. Use a variety of pre-defined reports and dashboards or easily create your own customized versions.

Property Balance Sheets & Profit & Loss Reports

Generate balance sheets and up to date profit and loss reports based on periods, months, quarters, and fiscal years detailing all transactions that occurred in the property such as rents collected, maintenance expenses, management fees, and details of money forwarded to your bank

Taxes & Cost Centers

Calculate taxes for different localities. Manage local and federal taxes. Define cost centers as needed and their related cost center budgets.


Axxerion’s automated property management system allows you to optimize your residential portfolio with up to the minute info on occupancy, financials and maintenance. Built for on-the-go management, Axxerion works around your specific needs and preferences. Reduce costs, enhance the value of your assets, and operate more efficiently with our powerful and easy-to-use software.

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