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As many states begin to re-open in the face of COVID-19, a safe and controlled back-to-work operations plan is essential for any company. But the need for temporary occupancy and a hybrid workforce during the pandemic demands workplaces to become more agile. 

So how can organizations and companies juggle keeping their employees safe, adapting a more flexible working concept (including both WFH and in-office options), and still attending to their business needs? For many, cloud-based space management software has come to the rescue and served as an invaluable aid for a successful return strategy. 

What is space management software?

Space management software is a cloud-based platform offering a wide range of tools that help with space optimization and planning, including: desk and room booking, move execution, interactive floor plans, wayfinding and contract tracing, visitor management, occupancy tracking, facilities automation and IoT sensor monitoring.

How can Axxerion’s space management software service help safely transition employees back to work?

Axxerion’s Space Management & Reservations software gives you the capability and flexibility to create a foolproof back-to-work plan. Our software suite of functions can help you implement a temporary occupancy workspace plan through desk-booking and interactive floor plan offerings. 

Further, with Axxerion you can keep employees oriented via wayfinding, and prevent any virus spreads through contact tracing. Automate and streamline your facilities operations so that your workspaces are disinfected and tidied upon employees’ departures and arrivals. You can even use IoT sensor monitors to track real-time occupancy and ensure that social distancing measures are being adhered to. Read on to learn more about each of Axxerion’s space management offerings that can help with your back-to-work strategy: 


An easy-to-use and mobile desk-booking service is essential when it comes to transitioning employees back to the office. Axxerion’s desk-booking features enable your employees to reserve their workspace at any time and from anywhere – thanks to our mobile app and Microsoft Outlook integration. 

By allowing employees to book their desks from their own phones or computers outside of the office, surface sharing via in-office check-in kiosks is limited and employees will have one less touchpoint that would risk them getting sick. If your back-to-work office strategy is contingent on specific work-shift patterns, desk booking can be arranged to match these patterns and make your implementation strategy easier. 

Further, specific desks can be designated as bookable or blocked off from booking in order to ensure social distancing.  

Adaptive Floor Plans and Wayfinding

With Axxerion, you can upload your floor plans and use our interactive modification tools to create layouts that ensure social distancing. For example adjust your floor plan so that only desks that are six feet apart are reservable and those in between are blocked off. These floorplan changes will align with our desk reservation system so that blocked off desks cannot be reserved. 

You can also add different layers onto your floor plan in order to provide more informative visual layouts that are essential in the world of COVID-19. These layers include maximum capacity for each room, fire escape routes, and directional arrows for flow of traffic in common spaces such as hallways and corridors. 

Wayfinding features are also essential in your back-to-work plan, as employees who are adjusting to desk hoteling may need help finding their specific workspace for the day or locating other employees who are no longer in their usual seats. With Axxerion’s digital floor plans, you can quickly find out which workspaces are open, where they are located, and where people are sitting – all at the touch of your fingertips. 

Contact Tracing

Being able to track when employees arrive in office and at which desks they sit at provides essential data that can help combat any potential virus outbreaks. With Axxerion you can run reports on which employees were working in your office on any given day or time, where their workstations(s) were located, as well as who was working near them. These easily retrievable data points can help you perform a quick contract tracing analysis in the case that one of your employees reports testing positive for COVID-19.

By keeping close tabs on when and where your employees are in the office through our software – rather than relying on arbitrary, un-monitored hot desking arrangements – you can target and contain potential outbreaks and better manage the cleaning and disinfecting of heavily used workstations. 

Automated Facilities & Asset Tracking

With Axxerion’s space management software, you can automate your facilities operations so that workspaces are set to be cleaned before and after use of a workspace or conference room. HR, IT and Facilities teams can all work together on our streamlined platform to coordinate the execution of any facilities operations needed to keep the workspace clean and disinfected. 

As many of your employees continue to work fully or partially from home, it is necessary to track office equipment – such as laptops and mobile devices – that are loaned to them. With Axxerion, workspace assets can be assigned to remote employees, which allows you to track all company equipment that goes in and out of the office. Employees can also use the Axxerion platform to request assistance from facilities and IT teams with setting up their loaned office equipment in their remote office locations.

IoT Sensors

With Axxerion, you have the option to set up IoT sensors that can offer monitoring services for your workspaces. These monitors can assess real-time occupancy as well space features such as temperature, humidity and air quality.

By installing occupancy sensors at desks, workstations, and meeting rooms, you can keep track of how many employees are within a single space. You can choose to be alerted or directly alert your employees if they are not practicing social distancing in certain areas. Sensor monitoring can also better inform your facilities operations for thorough cleaning during COVID-19, such as by triggering service requests upon sensor recognition of new occupancies or vacancies in spaces. 

Further, sensor monitoring provides insight into the actual space utilization within your offices, such as whether or not people show up to their booked workspaces. This real-time reservation data prevents unanticipated delays and pain points while also minimizing unnecessary employee contact, such as having to kick out people who are in your reserved space.


As thousands of companies across the country begin planning their transitions back to the office, Axxerion can help your organization navigate the unique workplace challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it be for hot-desking or move execution, automated facilities or IoT sensor monitoring, interactive floor plans or temporary occupancy, our expansive software suite of functions can help you efficiently, effectively and safely bring your employees back to work. 

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