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Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are responsible for maintaining common areas and facilities within their collective housing development. These common areas include playgrounds, parking lots, sidewalks, golf courses, gyms, pools, and clubhouses.

Maintaining these common buildings and spaces can be a costly endeavor, with HOAs often spending 25% of their yearly operating expenses on facilities management.

That is why is critical for HOAs to have a strong maintenance program that includes preventative maintenance, asset management, a work order system, accounting and more. Software like a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) enables facilities teams to streamline and automate all of these operations within one cloud-based platform. As a result, HOAs will experience significant cost savings, decrease liability risk, and increase their property value.

Axxerion CMMS for HOAS: Software Suite of Functions

Axxerion CMMS offers HOAs a mobile, cloud-based system that has the tools to store, track and execute all of their maintenance operations. This includes managing work orders, assets, inventory, preventative maintenance, capital projects, key documents, insurance, vendors, payments, and reservations. HOA board members and homeowners alike can access Axxerion CMMS to sign and store documents, make and track payments, and submit and address service requests.

Each of the main offerings in Axxerion CMMS for HOAs is detailed below, with the ability to configure each service or tool to the specific needs of the association:

Cloud-Based and Mobile Platform

Axxerion CMMS is a completely cloud-based mobile software that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, and through any device – via web browser or Axxerion’s mobile app. This digital, accessible system eliminates manual, paper-based workflows and allows HOA managers, owners, and technicians to collaborate all at once on maintenance, inspections, approvals, reporting, resident services and more.

Axxerion CMMS also offers full GIS integration with Google maps, as well as GPS capabilities to track assets, technicians and more.

Document, License and Restriction Management

HOAs are often under rigid local restrictions, which means it is essential to store and organize key documentation. Axxerion CMMS provides a digital document management platform that tracks all contracts, licenses, and violation/restriction documents in a manner that is organized and accessible.

Documents can be assigned to different groups or individuals in the association, and be moved through a workflow for approval, submission and issuance.

Further, Axxerion offers capabilities for:

  • Permit requests with designations for minor, major and variance
  • License requests, approval and issuance for short term rentals
  • Violation issuance, approval and submission

 Work Order Management

Axxerion CMMS offers a powerful, automated work order management system that is configurable to the specific needs and structures of each individual HOA. Generate and issue work orders for vendors and technicians based on planned maintenance, inspection reports and service requests.

Easily track the status of work orders from start to finish, and benefit from supply chain integration in which the requestor, contractor, and supplier can all access to same work order.

Work orders can also be carried out within a contractual framework, with checks in place to ensure that the service meets initial contract agreements. Further, create different work order categories, each with their own unique workflow, and configure access privileges per user group.

Asset Management & Preventative Maintenance

Axxerion CMMS allows HOAs to manages all of their areas and assets on one centralized platform. Specific asset and preventive maintenance features include the ability to:

  • Store and track information about an asset’s age, warranty, condition, inventory level, value and replacement cost and any additional details
  • Schedule, perform and manage all types of inspections such as regulatory, annual and due diligence
  • Create a preventative maintenance calendar and schedule work orders and inspections accordingly
  • Receive notifications on upcoming inspections and service based on the maintenance calendar
  • Calculate and track asset depreciation

Proactive maintenance and asset management through these offerings results in reduced asset breakdowns and greater cost savings.

Membership Portal

Axxerion’s user-friendly membership portal is available 24/7 and accessible on all devices. Through the portal, homeowners can access information on their properties, pay HOA fees, track payments and view payment history, submit maintenance and service requests, and easily communicate with HOA management and staff. Other features in the membership portal include:

Financials & Accounting

Axxerion’s web-based accounting and financial management module can handle multiple General Ledgers and is fully integrated within our contract, property, and maintenance management solutions. The system serves as a centralized repository for all property-related financial information offers many financial functions:

  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable with invoice aging, reminders and late fees
  • Purchase order processing for good and services with authorization for full or partial invoicing
  • General Ledgers and additional ledgers that can be consolidated or kept separate
  • Financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements
  • Invoicing including one-time or regular invoicing, print or digital
  • Payment processing including checks, electronic transfers, credit card

Vendor Management

HOAs have important vendor relationships, and Axxerion’s CMMS allows HOAs to connect and collaborate with their third-party vendors and service providers throughout the entire procurement lifecycle – all within one efficient, streamlined and cloud-based platform.

Axxerion CMMS vendor management system facilitates, organizes and tracks the services provided by vendors, takes care of the legal contracting and financial invoicing, and stores contractor information including qualifications, insurance, and service history. Specific offerings include:

  • Vendor bidding management
  • Work orders and purchase orders
  • Digital contracting
  • Processing and approvals for purchase orders and invoices
  • Seamless outsourced vendor payments
  • Vendor insurance, documents, and information storage
  • Easy vendor communication (email, SMS)

Capital Projects

Axxerion CMMS capital project management module allows for centralized management and control of all project documents, blueprint viewing and management, budget monitoring and accounting, report generation, and real-time collaboration and communication across HOA management, vendors, and staff. Features include:

  • Budgeting: Define a budget with revenue and expenses for a project; review budgeted amount vs amount already committed vs actual invoiced amount.
  • Planning & Scheduling: Create a hierarchy of tasks with projected start time, end time, run time and allocated resources. Define dependencies between tasks and assign team members and vendors (with specific billing rates) to different task.
  • Invoicing: Automatically generate outgoing invoices for multiple projects. Invoice amounts can be based on a combination of factors such as fixed price agreements, percentage completed and time spent.

Reporting and Business Analytics

Axxerion’s powerful and highly configurable reporting capabilities enable HOAs to easily create meaningful reports out of the wealth of data collected by the CMMS. Reports can be newly created or based off of hundreds of pre-loaded report types. Reports can be reviewed directly and can be exported to PDF to be saved and printed. In addition, they can be opened in Excel for further analysis, can be created with an easily fixable frequency and can be emailed to one or more persons in HTML, CSV or PDF format. Specific reporting features include:

  • KPI Reporting: Create recurring reports on the HOA’s important maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as: average response time, average processing time, past due work orders, material usage, and more. KPIs can be customized.
  • Data Filters: Multiple filters can be created for reports using fields of various objects. Use operators, standard values and dynamic variables, such as ‘last week, ‘user’ or ‘my department’.
  • Dashboards & Data Visualization: Axxerion’s dashboard tool turns data into salient charts, meters, graphs and other widgets. These widgets can be adapted entirely to suit any object such as a property, a project or machine. When a dashboard is selected, information is presented and updated in real time.

Amenity Reservations

Axxerion CMMS reservations module for HOAs allows for the reservation of shared assets and areas, complete with check-in and check-out functionality. HOA members can view availability and reserve common areas/amenities like conference rooms and tennis courts at any time and from anywhere via the Axxerion mobile app as well via configurable on-site kiosks and room displays.

Members can also request equipment or services in addition to their amenity reservation, and pre and post-meeting cleanup can be automated for ease. Reservation options are integrated with calendar apps like Microsoft Outlook, and confirmations and notifications regarding reservations can be personalized to your preferences.

Key Management

Axxerion’s key management module allows HOAs to manage the physical access of persons to spaces, properties and inventory within the property development. One or more locks can be created per object, where various locks may have the same access code (e.g. cylinder numbers). The module can be adapted for each group of users by configuring access privileges for fields and functions. Functions include:

  • See which individuals have which keys, have access to a certain space, and have supplied the locks.
  • See how many keys you have in stock, to whom they have been issued and if any keys are missing or have been stolen.


Axxerion’s CMMS for HOAs leads to greater cost savings, increased productivity, and higher property values. Our cloud-based software can help your association automate and streamline all maintenance processes onto one, easy-to-use mobile platform. Contact us today – let us help you get the best returns from your residential properties.

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