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A typical organization today with hundreds or even thousands of assets in their property portfolio will need to prioritize the longevity and optimum utilization of each of these assets. To achieve that objective, they need to manage each asset following specific guidelines: They’ll want to manage maintenance, track capital projects, track the location and usage of each item across several locations, and so much more.

Attempting to do all this through spreadsheets and paper-based departmental recording systems can quickly turn chaotic and will often leave too much room for inefficiencies. Rather, what they’ll need is a platform that gives them an overview of their portfolio’s data enterprise-wide without having to install multiple software systems.

That’s where an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) comes in. With an IWMS, organizations can easily monitor the end-to-end lifecycle of each asset, maximize their resources, and share information as required.

Benefits of IWMS Software

With that in mind, let’s look at just 5 of the major benefits of using an IWMS software.

1. Manage Costs

Constructing a building is one thing, but keeping it functional can gulp substantial amounts of money through the rest of the building’s lifespan. IWMS solutions enable its users to reduce these costs significantly. It offers them more visibility into areas like asset management, lease management, and finance and accounting, all critical areas that can heavily impact overall transparency, decision-making, and eventually efficiency.

Need more proof? Research indicates that deploying an IWMS solution leads to a 14% reduction in maintenance costs, a 40% improvement in workspace management, and up to 42% increase in facility usage efficiency. In addition, according to research by Markets and Markets, the global demand for IWMS will grow up to US$4.6 billion by 2024 largely due to the need for improved and efficient operational solutions.

2 Improve Customer Service

IWMS allows you to receive maintenance requests from employees and tenants, handle them quickly, track each request while keeping an eye on several other occupant issues. Also, you can receive email or mobile notifications as reminders to ensure that no task is forgotten.

By automating routine administrative tasks this way, facility managers can attend to every customer efficiently and professionally.

3. Optimize Space Utilization

By allowing building administrators to visualize their space data in real-time, they can make optimum use of available spaces, plan better, and use their existing space more efficiently.

4. Accurate Reporting

An IWMSs completely digitized and device-friendly interface allows you to centralize all your facilities data in one space, monitor your KPIs, extract whatever information you need, and analyze it all in an up-to-date and accurate manner.

5. Streamline Facility Processes

Streamline the management of your organization’s commercial and residential facility management processes whether it’s routine facility operations, move management, real estate management, management reporting, project management, strategic planning and so much more. Essentially, you can get more done with less effort and zero errors!

Free Demo

Axxerion’s IWMS is a mobile-friendly, modern, and easy-to-use software that is designed to help you simplify the process of organizing and managing your asset portfolio, no matter how large.

We would like to hear back from you about your asset needs. Contact us and schedule a free demo today!

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