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With the availability of GPS (Global Positioning System), companies can now have better information and therefore control on where their resources are and review the history of activities together with their associated GPS.

One method of setting up GPS integration, as implemented in Axxerion, is to record a GPS coordinate with any action taken by a technician.  For example, when a technician clicks start work on the CMMS work order, the system records the action as well as the GPS of person’s position at the time.

Another approach, as also implemented in Axxerion, is to assign bar code or QR Code to each of the buildings or spaces. Setting up such codes would be possible for tenants and building mangers but not as easily possible for service providers.  However, assuming that the building and spaces within have bar codes or QR codes, the technician will be required to scan the bar code/QR code to unlock the work order at the location where the work is.  The system then records the date/time and GPS.  This guarantees the presence and actual time and location record.

Integrate CMMS with GPS

Other possibilities of GPS deployment within CMMS includes checking on the accuracy and completeness of inspections. For example, if you have a work order for checking fire extinguishers, every one of the extinguishers’ bar code need to be scanned and the time and GPS of the scan to be stored to make sure that the assigned technician stopped by that item and examined it.  Another example is for the security inspections when the assigned security personnel are to scan the bar codes associated with the different locations as they patrol the premises. The system then records the location, time and GPS of each inspection milestone.

Once the GPS process is in place, the managers can review the GPS record for each process and any technicians as needed.  Any missed items would then be reported and escalated.

The access to the environment can be limited to certain IP ranges to make sure that the work was done on premises.

For more information, please review our information on Axxerion CMMS or contact us.

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Mehdi Khalvati, Ph.D. is the president of Axxerion Inc. Axxerion’s CMMS module  addresses corrective, preventive and predicative maintenance as well as asset management.  Please send your feedback, thoughts and comments to

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