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As integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and other facility management software continue to be game-changers for organizations globally, it’s expected that more and more companies will choose to deploy these software.

However, if you’re about taking this step, do you know what mistakes to avoid? And, is the IWMS vendor you’re considering demonstrating that they know the pitfalls to guard against during this crucial process?

Although an IWMS is the ideal platform for managing a company’s facilities, property-related information, and technologies in one place, it is not a “silver bullet” for all your organization’s challenges. Deploying an IWMS has a better chance of succeeding only when your company has taken certain steps to lay a proper foundation at the pre-deployment stages and thereafter.

Below, we discuss the most common mistakes to avoid.

Poor Change Management

Don’t make the mistake of rushing into IWMS deployment without first of all taking the time to prepare the most important asset your organization has – its employees.

Certainly, factors like time and money are also important for the success of any IWMS project. But, all will be wasted if you don’t carefully and thoroughly work to get your employees’ buy-in.

Remember that an IWMS will bring some fundamental changes to how their work will be done going forward, so depending on the current state of affairs in your company, this period may call for a lot of tough changes. For instance, let’s look at 2 hypothetical companies; Company X and Company Y, both organizations have sizeable property portfolios. But while Company X has been utilizing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for a couple of years now, Company Y has never used one. In the process of deploying an IWMS, it’s more likely that Company X will have a smoother transition than Company Y.

Also, Company Y will have more work to do with regards to change management.

Here are a few important points to discuss with your staff for easier change management:

  • What to expect during the deployment process.
  • The IWMS is not coming to replace their jobs but to aid them.
  • Expected timeline for each stage of the project.
  • Everybody’s responsibilities during the process.
  • Required training for each staff

Inadequate Planning And Poor Focus

IWMS deployment is a serious project that is expected to bring some much-needed changes and improvements and it must be handled as such. Like any other project out there, the success of a change project like an IWMS implementation largely depends on good preparation and the appropriate level of focus.

Adequate planning and project management long before the project even kicks off can make all the difference.

Be clear on your budget, timeline, resources, scope, labor, required hardware upgrades, etc. and don’t lose focus of these factors as time goes by. Of course, with any project, things won’t always go 100% as expected, but any major alterations can be done without too many disruptions. This is another reason why it’s critical that you use an IWMS vendor that is patient and experienced enough to guide you during this time and afterward.

Another mistake that you’d want to avoid is handling this project as “everybody’s” job.  Rather, it’s advisable to appoint a small interdepartmental committee with a capable team leader. Their duty will be to oversee the project and communicate with the rest of the company when required.

Losing Track of the Original Goals

Although an IWMS offers numerous benefits, every company is unique and their priorities will differ. So, when you first started considering an IWMS, what were your major needs and challenges? In other words, be clear on what problems you want the IWMS to solve for you.

Additionally, all stakeholders and departments should have access to specify and rank their needs in order of priority. Doing this, will help to pinpoint what kind of services the selected IWMS must offer, for example, is room booking and desk reservation a common cause of complaints? Then you know that the IWMS must offer topnotch reservation capabilities

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