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One of the largest determinants of workers’ well-being is their physical workspace that’s according to several resources and studies such as this article published on Forbes.  Employees are likely to be happier, more engaged, productive, healthy, and happy if they like the environment where they work.

Other reports and indices, like Gensler’s Workplace Index make a strong connection between the physical workspace and employee productivity. So as a modern organization that seeks to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive market, it’s essential that if you want to attract and retain the top talents in your industry, your company must create an environment that supports a strong and positive company culture supported by innovative technologies. One of such technologies is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS).

What does an IWMS do?

From an operational point of view. An IWMS gives you an integrated tool to coordinate and manage every aspect of modern facilities and real estate portfolio management, such as:

In other words, no matter how large your operations are, you can manage it all from one platform. AN IWMS. That’s not all though, an IWMS also comes with many other benefits as well.

But right now, we want to focus on employee satisfaction and productivity. Here’s how an IWMS helps:

Streamline Facility Management Processes

Picture this: you run a manufacturing business with plants in different locations, there is an unexpected shutdown of one of the critical production machines and a couple  of your service technicians are called out urgently to fix it. At some point, it turns out that  they need some important information to complete the task at hand. They then proceed to contact the rest of the team back at headquarters to get that information. Unfortunately, that information is buried in old paper records and it takes hours to find.

Although your staff eventually find that information and get the job done, they are extremely stressed up and tired, and these kinds of situations increase the risk of errors and safety-related mistakes.

Imagine how much much easier and faster it would have been for everyone  if they had had access to an IWMS with all the information already organized, updated in real-time, and easy to extract whenever it’s needed via features like QR code scanning and mobile IWMS

IWMS: Avoiding Employee Burnout And Dissatisfaction

There are so many other things that an IWMS  can help with. For example, have you ever booked an office at a coworking facility only to arrive there and several details are not in place? The air-conditioning is too cold or doesn’t work at all. You had asked for a 20-person capacity meeting room, but you’re allocated a 15-person space, and so on?

As expected, you would be quite displeased. Imagine how your staff would feel if they had to face such displeasure from your clients all the time. It will certainly test their patience, cause them to burn out faster, and encourage them to find better employment elsewhere where they aren’t facing angry customers all day long! However, these kinds of problems will become a thing of the past with the powerful space booking and reservation features of an IWMS. your staff can click a few buttons, deliver the best quality services to your customers, and get back to work while the IWMS handles everything else.Free Demo

In addition to what we’ve mentioned above, an IWMS can still do so much more to help your team enjoy their time at work. For instance, an IWMS tracks and manages maintenance tasks. So it helps to significantly improve the physical condition of the office by keeping the building and systems safe, pleasant, and functional for all.

Why not take our IWMS for a free trial and see what it can do for your business? We’d like to hear from you. Schedule a free demo today and find out more about what our software solutions can do for your business.

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