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The rise of IoT technology has encouraged many companies to augment their integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) with IoT sensor technology. This win-win combination – referred to as an IWMS+ system in this article – can prove to be a very smart financial and operational decision for your business workplace.

IWMS+: At the Intersection of IWMS and IoT

An IWMS software platform helps organize and optimize a wide range of workplace management functions and resources. These include real estate, reservations, facilities, capital projects, infrastructure, and energy management. A Smart Buildings software uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect real-time data about buildings – whether that be comfort and safety levels or space utilization.

IWMS+ technology integrates traditional IWMS software with IoT sensor capabilities. By working in conjunction with each other, the IWMS software is able to function in smarter ways, while the Smart Building monitoring system can be adapted to optimize workplace productivity and efficiency. Further, an IWMS+ solution is able to obtain, consolidate and analyze a rich body of IoT sensor and BIM data, allowing for high-quality, live data that could not be accessed through just one of these systems.

Smart Room Reservations with IWMS+

An IWMS+ system can augment many different workplace management functions. One of these areas is room reservations. With a traditional IWMS system, building users can reserve a room or desk for a specific amount of time. Other reservation features with a traditional IWMS include: requesting equipment or services in conjunction with the room reservation, automating setup and cleanup pre-and-post meetings, receiving check-in and booking confirmation, and having access to different types of booking touch points (mobile, kiosk, desktop).

On the other hand, a Smart Room Reservation system combines IWMS features with IoT sensor capabilities to incorporate space utilization data in addition to traditional reservation offerings. Let’s look at three different specialized offerings from an IWMS+ smart room reservation system:

Real-Time Data on Space Utilization

By installing sensors in conference rooms and other work areas, a Smart Reservation system can monitor whether a space is in use, and if so, by how many people. This way, those using the system can know much more than whether a space has been blocked off. Rather, they can actually find out whether people showed up to their bookings or not. This can better illuminate the reality of space utilization within the building.

More specifically, spaces can be better used if sensors recognize no-shows for reservations and then free up the space accordingly. This can encourage people to only reserve rooms if they actually intend to use them. Further, building managers can check whether people are properly using the reservation system, or just sticking to the habit of using rooms without booking them in advance.

Data-Driven Space Design

The utilization data that comes with a smart reservations system can inform critical planning for space design projects in the future. Building managers can assess whether conference rooms are being used for their intended purposes – not just a lone worker hogging a large conference room or a huge group crammed into a small workspace.

In response, managers can make plans for additional conference rooms or smaller workplaces based on the data. Making sure the right types of rooms are available at the right time facilitates more efficient work flows, and less time is lost in attempting to find a good workspace.

Optimized User Experience

A Smart IWMS+ Reservations System is not just useful for building managers. It also increases employee satisfaction and facilitates a good quality experience for visitor to the building. Automated cleaning services ensure that meetings are conducted in clean conference rooms. Real-time reservation data prevents unanticipated delays and pain points, such as having to kick out people who are in your reserved space.

Further, being able to check the temperature and air quality of the spaces you are working in through an application on your phone offers comfort and peace of mind. These perks lead to more satisfied workers, who in turn experience increased productivity – all of which are good for business outcomes.


Implementing an optimized IWMS+ system that incorporates IoT sensor data into your traditional workplace management system can completely revamp your room reservation system. The enhanced capabilities that come with an IWMS+ system lead to major increases in data visibility, work flow efficiency, and employee productivity. It’s time to start utilizing modern advances in IoT technology to help you manage your buildings and workspaces in smarter, more cost-effective ways.

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