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These days, you’ll hardly meet someone that isn’t carrying one form of mobile device or the other. Whether it’s an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices provides an opportunity for every industry to leverage mobile technology.

For facility managers, mobile devices provide a unique opportunity to access different maintenance software solutions on the go.

For example, your team can easily use information from their Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) app to improve your organization’s operational efficiency across hundreds of assets, boost their workflow and productivity, and improve their service delivery to your customers by accessing QR code scanning while on the move.

How IWMS Software with QR Code Scanning Works

A Quick Response code, or QR code, is a type of two-dimensional barcode that is machine-readable and contains important information about whatever physical asset it is attached to.

The idea behind QR codes is to allow any modern smartphone scan and translate the code into something meaningful for the user. They are also used to redirect the person holding the smartphone to other platforms, websites, links, etc where they can access other media like text, images, and videos.

It is used in every industry imaginable and it works by rapidly allowing mobile devices to scan asset information. For facility management, in particular, attaching QR codes to assets allows you to get quick insights about whatever information you need at that time from a connected IWMS.

Benefits of using IWMS with QR Code Scanning

Here are a few of the main benefits of QR Code Scanning IWMS.

1. Expedite occupants’ requests

QR code scanning allows your occupants to simply scan the QR code for a specific asset with their phone and submit their maintenance request in minutes. This saves you from the distraction of endless phone calls and emails every time someone needs attention. The IWMS platform also makes it possible for them to get notifications that their request is getting the required attention.

2. Better workflow

Maintenance technicians can quickly see the work history for each asset from its QR code. Also, they can access, track, and complete their work orders, right on the platform, and have everything updated seamlessly. In addition, it’s highly versatile, any asset or inventory item can have a QR code.

3. Fewer errors

Improve accuracy and minimize common errors that occur with conventional paper-based systems such as unclear handwriting, vague information, or misplaced documents. Imagine a scenario where you technicians are working at a remote location – maybe there’s some emergency repair needed – and they have to wait for vital information buried in paper records from your staff back at the office. Valuable time is wasted. Instead, you workers could simply scan and capture the data they need immediately with QR code scanning.

How can you start the process of using QR code scanning on your facility?

Axxerion’s IWMS already has all the functionality for easy scanning of QR codes. We can use this feature to link your physical assets, inventory, tools, spare parts, etc to a centralized system. From there, your occupants and technicians can easily begin to enjoy the benefits we’ve discussed above.

QR code scanning can be done in seconds with iOS or Android devices such as iPads, Samsung phones, iPhones, etc. Get in touch today. Let’s talk and see how we can help you modernize your operations even more with QR code scanning.

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