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When considering the move to an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), you’ll want information that is specific to your market sector as well as your organization’s size. With that kind of information, it’s easier to navigate the market and deploy the right IWMS with the features that offer you the best in maintenance and asset management solutions.

An IWMS is a powerful platform for streamlining the different areas of facility and real estate management; you already know that. But our experience with deploying solutions for clients over the years has shown us that just knowing the benefits of a software is inadequate. It’s vital to dig deeper and understand your company’s unique needs so that you (the client) can find the best fit. In that context, you’ll need to ask questions like – is the solution you’re considering right for large companies? Again, does the vendor you’re considering understand the peculiarities of large companies? We’ll help you answer these questions, and more, below.

Typical Challenges of Large Companies

  • The inability to make prompt and well-informed decisions due to a crippling lack of real-time visibility across their entire property portfolio.
  • Poor or outdated inventory of their space and occupancy.
  • Trying to aggregate or synchronize real estate data seamlessly from multiple, disparate, and often outdated systems.
  • An excessive amount of time spent on maintenance solutions deployments and upgrades.
  • Lack of a consolidated overview of their properties, buildings, and assets.

Granted, these are formidable issues that usually result in delays in executing maintenance and capital projects, loss of revenue, etc. However, these challenges are surmountable with the right IWMS partner by your side. At Axxerion, we’ve designed our IWMS to help large companies like yours handle these issues with minimal disruptions.

That said, it takes us to the next thing you need to consider as a large company.

What Should Large Companies Look For In An IWMS?

To qualify for consideration as an IWMS solution for a large company, check that the product offers the following:

Axxerion IWMS Offers Large Companies A Comprehensive Platform

Even though your property portfolio is large, we believe that managing it doesn’t have to be complex. As a result, Axxerion’s IWMS is designed with companies like yours in mind. Our solution offers you a robust analytical framework to simplify and facilitate every stage of the decision making and managerial process for large property portfolios such as yours.

Our IWMS comes equipped to manage key operations and maximize efficiency in the areas of leasing, energy, maintenance management, space planning, and so much more.

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