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Small and medium-sized businesses occupy a unique position in the property management sector; they don’t have the very large budgets of the bigger companies, yet they are expected to deliver the same quality of services as the biggest names in the industry.

In fact, as a business owner in this bracket, it’s expected that your facility management team will often have to work harder and do more than the larger companies to attract new clients and remain competitive!

So, how do you achieve this? Through innovation, revenue growth, cost efficiency, minimal waste, and top-notch service delivery. In other words, you need to operate faster, smarter, and leaner. There are just no shortcuts.

However, you can significantly simplify the process and get an edge by deploying software that is created to integrate multiple operations effortlessly – specifically, by using an integrated workplace management system (IWMS).

We say this because we understand your major concerns as a small to mid-sized business. Here’s a look at how an IWMS can help your business.

What’s Stressing Small and Medium Property Businesses?

Because your business has a smaller budget but still has to deliver excellence, your major concerns with regards to managing a property portfolio include the following:

  • Increasing revenue while controlling cost.
  • Prioritizing productivity in your maintenance department.
  • Leveraging the best maintenance strategies and techniques available (minimizing reactive maintenance).
  • Deploying solutions that are scalable and suitable for your business size.
  • Real-time insights into your asset performance across all departments
  • Avoiding complex and bloated property management solutions.
  • Deploying solutions that will not require hiring more staff.

To mention a few.

What Can Axxerion’s IWMS Do For You?

In the past, IWMS and other software for the built environment were “reserved” for big businesses. But fortunately, they continued to evolve to a point where smaller enterprises can now enjoy all the same benefits without compromising on quality. In addition, Axxerion makes the entire process more convenient by providing this solution via a web-based, easy to use platform that doesn’t require the hiring of a dedicated or large IT unit.

Our IWMS is quick to deploy and accessible through any mobile device and operating system. All this because we understand your unique constraints as a small or medium business.

What To Expect From Axxerion’s IWMS

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At Axxerion, we continuously work to provide solutions that give our clients the advantage no matter the size of their business. Small and medium-sized enterprises have always appreciated our commitment to working with them through every step of the implementation process. Among other things, we offer you efficient and cost-effective options that will keep you thriving no matter how diverse or competitive the market is.

Schedule a demo today, let’s talk and see how we can support your real estate and facility management goals from start to finish.

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