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Client Spotlight:

Tenderloin Housing Clinic

THC is a nonprofit organization that operates San Francisco’s largest permanent housing program for single homeless adults. It also offers additional services including transitional housing, money management, legal assistance, and community advocacy. THC manages 23 properties throughout San Francisco, offering safe and supportive housing in the Tenderloin, SOMA, Mission, and Union Square neighborhoods.

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Nonprofit/Legal
  • Social Housing
Number of Locations:
  • 20+
Number of Employees:
  • 300+
Why Axxerion:
  • Highly configurable and adaptive
  • Strong visibility and analytics
  • Excellent client support
Axxerion Modules Used:
  • CMMS
  • Property Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

The Challenge:

THC was using an antiquated paper-based system for all of their maintenance operations. This caused poor organizational visibility as well as challenges with prioritization, delegation and overall efficiency. Further, the paper-based system made it very hard for THC in terms of liability. The organization’s staff had to address retroactive law suits by spending endless hours looking up past work orders. Lastly, remote work was never an option for employees, since they could not manage work orders online nor access data without being on site.

With an agile and hardworking facilities team that wears many hats – including fulfilling work orders, managing key assets, and implementing routine inspections – THC was ready to switch to an electronic, cloud-based system that would help them streamline and optimize their operations.

The Solution: 

As San Francisco’s leading provider of legal services and permanent housing to low-income tenants, THC needed a software solution that was powerful but also able to be simplified for ease of use. The non-profit chose Axxerion’s CMMS because it met these requirements and provided exceptional customer service.

“The Axxerion team has been really helpful in understanding our challenges,” says Wynne Tang, THC’s Chief Financial Officer. “They want to empower us with their software, and they show an outpouring of care.”

With the help of Axxerion, THC was able to completely transfer to a digital work-order management system so that all of their maintenance requests could be submitted and addressed via desktop, mobile or self-help kiosks at the front desk of each building. Additionally, the entirety of their work order history could be easily tracked and retrieved through Axxerion’s online platform, and the maintenance status of each building could be assessed instantly.

The Results:

Since implementing Axxerion’s CMMS, THC has been able to benefit in many different ways. With regards to liability, THC can now easily find work orders through Axxerion’s advanced search criteria – such as looking up work orders by date, unit, or any other metric. These work orders can be easily compiled into a report, exported to Excel, and sent directly to lawyers.

The Axxerion platform has also helped immensely with organizational visibility and efficiency. “Axxerion’s platform has been great for me because I can see all of our buildings at once or break it down by portfolio or team, and then create reports accordingly,” says Issarah Cabrera, THC’s Director of Facilities. “The new level of visibility into our operations that Axxerion has provided us has made us much more efficient – I can assess who has more work on their plate than others, and then move people around as needed.”

The data insight into work orders has also proven to be immensely helpful. THC’s facilities department can now see how long work orders are taking in each building and assess the strong points and problem areas in their maintenance processes. This also helps them make sure they are ready to meet specific deadlines according to city contracts.

Lastly, Axxerion’s mobile options has helped THC navigate through the challenges of COVD-19. “During COVID we can now work remotely – we look at our entire portfolio and then delegate the work,” said Cabrera. “Axxerion has proven to be very helpful during this unique time.”

"I am finally getting what I need. Our problems are being solved, and I am extremely satisfied. The Axxerion software is very flexible and the implementation team is extremely accommodating."

Issarah CabreraDirector of Facilities, THC

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