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Have you ever been in this position? You were a participant at an important conference or some other business event that you had been looking forward to for months. Finally, the event day arrives, but instead of participating in the sessions, you end up spending the better part of your time trying to coordinate different problems with bookings and reservations, or resolving one hurdle or the other. Then you really need to read this post!

What if we told you about a management tool that will ensure that when the next conference or major event comes around, you and your team members will spend less time reserving and coordinating meeting spaces and more actually attending the meeting(s). We’re referring to an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

What is an IWMS?

An integrated workplace management system is a software that allows facility managers, building managers, and other building administrators to manage every part of their workplace.

Among other things, it can be used to manage real estate, for maintenance management,  capital project management, environmental sustainability, etc.

But now, we want to focus on how this software can help you automate space management in your facilities specifically for tasks like booking conference rooms and reserving desks.

Real-Time Occupancy Data

The most advanced IWMS integrate occupancy sensor data and cloud analytics into their platform to streamline their room reservation and desk booking process. As the end-user, you get access to up-to-date space and desk availability status. This is intelligent, real-time analytics that focuses on helping you to optimize your office and space utilization. By using it, you can minimize the stress you would normally encounter while trying to book meeting rooms and desks in an agile and ever-busy office environment.

Another reason why intelligent data about office space is so important is that oftentimes, there are so many underutilized areas that can be reorganized or leased to deliver considerable savings to your business. But that’s not all, here are some other specific benefits of using IWMS for your room and desk bookings:

  • Enables flexible booking of non-reservable desks and rooms, based on real-time availability status from occupancy sensors.
  • The platform works from everywhere including kiosks and can be deployed on any device via mobile apps, and messaging platforms.
  • View booking calendar and floor plans online.
  • Manage catering and other essential purchases for meetings.
  • Share occupancy analytics, desk, and meeting room availability status with all employees.
  • Access any related photos and documents.
  • Setup approvals and notifications.
  • Easily manage the financials for each reservation.
  • Make reservations from Outlook and Exchange, then manage in Axxerion.
  • Eliminate the problem of “ghost meetings” and “no shows” automatically.
  • Allow employees to connect and find what they need quickly to request for rooms and desks

Free Demo

So, are you interested in a best-in-class conference room booking and desk reservation solution? Axxerion IWMS is here to help!

Or do you have questions about our several software solutions?  Please contact us for a free demo right away and our team will be glad to guide you through this straight-forward but transformative process.

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