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The oil and gas industry is usually described by terms like “complex,”  “demanding,” “high-risk,” “expensive,” etc. All of these descriptions are true for good reason. This industry produces some of the most widely used commodities that are required to satisfy the world’s demands for essentials like heating and cooling, cooking, all types of transportation, and electricity generation. Yet, despite high demand for oil and gas products, making a profit in this industry is closely tied to world politics and other factors that are often beyond your company’s direct control.

To remain afloat, thriving oil and gas organizations that have survived over the years have learned to be flexible and to adapt to modern realities. A large part of that adaptation is the use of improved technologies and tools to manage the extremely expensive assets in oil installations. Using these technologies, oil and gas suppliers can stay ahead of stringent regulatory controls, to streamline workflow on their refineries, minimize often devastating equipment failures, improve productivity, monitor safety protocols, and control costs.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and the Oil and Gas Industry

At the front and center of these technologies is the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

What Does a CMMS do?

A CMMS stores all maintenance information in a centralized and secure database that is easy to access by multiple users from different locations via a computer or mobile device. The system organizes and presents this information in a manner that is precise and timely to prevent unplanned downtime and other operational inconveniences.

Direct benefits of Axxerion CMMS for Oil and Gas

Here are the ways in which Oil and Gas companies benefit from Axxerion CMMS.

Work Order Management (WO)

Our CMMS solution comes with work order modules that allow you to create work orders on demand, then view the details of open work orders and monitor work progression. Another vital functionality is that it allows you to easily manage interdependent tasks. This is crucial for the oil and gas industry where you often have separate service providers executing different stages of the same project.

Asset and Equipment Management

The oil and gas sector has some of the most expensive and complex equipment of any industry.

Maintaining this investment is fundamental for surviving the challenges of oil and gas operations. Use our CMMS to document important information such as standard operating procedures, OEM information, schematics, and operating manuals for each asset.

Preventive and Planned Maintenance (PM)

Manage your equipment easily through every stage of the asset lifecycle and even extend their lifespan safely. The Preventive Maintenance (PM) module comes with all the features needed to optimize equipment efficiency. It comes with several planning and scheduling features as well as checklists that will ensure that no task is overlooked.

Using this feature, asset breakdowns and equipment failures are minimized.

Safety Management

Safety incidents and accidents in oil and gas usually generate world news due to the level of damage that typically occurs. Keep your organization out of these negative statistics with a CMMS that helps to ensure that everyone is safe through well-documented compliance standards, regular safety checks, and equipment that are always in prime operating condition.

Cost Control

Generate and manage maintenance budgets across several cost centers like spare parts inventory, labor, asset replacements, etc. Use the powerful reporting modules to generate cost-related analytics for better decision making and improvements.

Mobile-Enabled Access

Connected users can view, update, and send maintenance-related information from anywhere in the facility. This instant access to information can boost employee productivity. Also, it can serve as a valuable tool in emergencies.

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Whatever level you operate in oil and gas, Axxerion CMMS will help you streamline your processes so that you can laser-focus on growing your core business, and improving your competencies.

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, a single feature set, or something customized specifically for your business, the Axxerion team is here to help set up the right software and configuration for you.

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