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Technology has helped move our world forward tremendously. Almost all aspects of life have been digitalized and put in the palm of your hand. Managing your business should be no different. Whether you have a big corporation or run a retail store, management software can certainly help. CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System, which is a tremendous help for any company.

On the other side, we have Asset Management or EAM (Entertain Asset Management). What is the difference between the two, because from the words alone, they look similar. It can be very easy to confuse the two, since both have to do with maintenance and offer cloud-based options. In fact, to add to the confusion, CMMS programs have started calling themselves EAM, so you can see where the confusion is.

CMMS vs Asset Management Difference

 There has to be differences, though; and there are. In general, EAM offers a broader sense of features. Let’s go through what an EAM exactly is. Keep in mind that these systems were designed to be unified so an organization’s physical assets could be managed. While EAM includes maintenance management capabilities, they consider the total cost of ownership. They offer a wider range of features to track, so that you have a better sense of what needs to be tracked within your company.

EAM spans MRO procurement so to support strategic planning at an enterprise level. Think about having all of a company’s assets in one place. Engineering and project management, accounting, reliability management, safety, and compliance. All in one place. Imagine how much easier that would make your life.

On the other side, we have CMMS. CMMS is there to help maintain your business’s inventory, as well as scheduling calendar, and work orders. CMMS is meant to work in certain corners of a business, unlike an EAM which can span the entire company. All in all, while the two may be similar, CMMS just works on a smaller scale than EAM does. Think about if you want one section of your company to improve; you would use a CMMS. If you want to use these features for the whole company, you go with EAM.

Choose CMMS vs Asset Management

Don’t look at an EAM as just a larger version of a CMMS. CMMS isn’t the knock-off brand to use if you can’t get an EAM. Organizations that need seriously beefed up asset management need an EAM. For those who need more specialized touch, you go with CMMS. It’s important to know the differences, so that you are getting the right piece of software for your business.

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If you are looking for more information on Asset Management and CMMS, you don’t need to look very far. In fact, you can find a free demo by visiting the link: As the #1 CMMS offered, you can get a comprehensive look at everything you need to know in order to make an executive decision about what to implement for your business.

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