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Asset Management

Comprehensive Asset Management

By March 8, 2024No Comments

Efficient Asset Management with Spacewell Axxerion’s Asset Module

Property owners and operators face the ongoing challenge of managing diverse assets and systems within their properties. From fire alarm systems to HVAC units, keeping track of these assets is vital for maintenance, compliance, and budgeting purposes. While traditional methods like individual property records suffice, they often lack the flexibility and efficiency required for comprehensive asset management across multiple properties. Enter Spacewell Axxerion’s asset module, a solution designed to streamline asset tracking and management processes.

Streamlined Asset Tracking

Spacewell Axxerion’s asset module offers a comprehensive approach to asset tracking and management. Assets are categorized and can be assigned to specific properties or areas within properties. This categorization facilitates efficient searches and reporting, allowing users to query specific asset types across all properties effortlessly. Whether it’s identifying properties with particular assets or tracking assets by category, Spacewell Axxerion’s seamless integration simplifies the process.

Customizable Asset Categories

One of the standout features of Spacewell Axxerion’s asset module is its flexibility in customizing asset categories. Users have the freedom to define and manage their list of asset categories based on their operational needs. This customization ensures that users can focus on managing only the types of assets relevant to their properties, streamlining their workflows and optimizing resource allocation.

Comprehensive Asset Information Management

With Spacewell Axxerion, managing asset information is intuitive and efficient. Users can classify assets into various types and specify associated details and specifications. Asset catalogs serve as repositories for default information and specifications, simplifying the process of assigning predefined attributes to new assets. From manufacturer and installation providers to warranty dates and expected lifespan, Spacewell Axxerion enables comprehensive tracking of asset information, including relevant documents and photos.

Efficient Asset Assignments and Reservations

Spacewell Axxerion facilitates seamless asset assignments and reservations, allowing users to track asset locations and assigned users effectively. Assets can be assigned to projects or clients, with any applicable charges for invoicing purposes. An online calendar feature enables users to check asset availability and schedule reservations effortlessly.

Streamlined Asset Maintenance

Spacewell Axxerion simplifies asset maintenance with automated work order generation for routine tasks and user-requested repairs. The system maintains a complete history of repairs, facilitating analysis for repair versus replacement decisions. Additionally, asset purchases, replacements, and deliveries can be tracked through integrated purchase order management, ensuring transparency and accountability in asset management processes.

Comprehensive Financial Tracking and Inventory Management

Spacewell Axxerion’s asset module maintains comprehensive financial records, enabling users to depreciate assets on variable or fixed accounting schedules. Repair and replacement costs are recorded to assist with capital project planning. Furthermore, the system supports asset inventory management, allowing users to set up different inventory locations and replenish items automatically when inventory levels reach predefined thresholds.

In conclusion, Spacewell Axxerion’s asset module offers a comprehensive solution for property owners and operators seeking efficient and customizable asset management. From streamlined asset tracking to comprehensive information management and maintenance, Spacewell Axxerion empowers users to optimize asset utilization, streamline workflows, and enhance operational efficiency across their properties.