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If you are looking to start from scratch or considering changing your existing CMMS Software, there are four fundamental steps to take before starting your search.

1. Identify critical maintenance problems and define goals

The future success of your CMMS Software indeed depends on your ability to acknowledge and recognize the most vital operational challenges and determine how success looks like. The reason behind this cliché statement is the comprehensive nature of CMMS Software, which can sidetrack you from the primary challenges. Here, at Axxerion, we recommend prioritizing the problems by their impact on your operations. Pick top 2 to 3 challenges and define your goals quantitatively and qualitatively. The best starting point is a determination of the costliest operational trial and comparing it with the problems you hear from your Maintenance Team. So, when is the best time to start your search? If it takes longer to administratively process work orders than performing work order itself, or when your day consists of tons of repetitive tasks, and it takes forever to find the data in your paper files, you need CMMS. Here at Axxerion, we can help you to evaluate your maintenance operations, identify critical issues and address them with ALL-IN-ONE, a cloud-based CMMS Software.

2. Resources for Implementation

CMMS Implementations require an adequate labor commitment from your side. Depending on the complexity, an implementation effort may include other departments aside your maintenance and facility operations. For instance, the payroll department could significantly reduce manual data entry by integrating timesheets from work orders with payroll software. It is vital to collaboratively discuss the idea for new CMMS Software with all involved departments, before starting your search. The key is to recognize multi-departmental meeting points and discuss future or modification of existing workflows. This approach guarantees cost-efficient and stress-free implementation. Axxerion has flexible, behind the scenes, work-flow engine to satisfy from the simplest to the complex operations.

3. Budget and Pricing

How much does CMMS cost? The price usually depends on the complexity of your processes and expectations you are trying to achieve. There is software that is simple, out-of-the-box work order systems, and there is very robust CMMS software that can unify all your operations under one roof. The most common pricing model is based on the number of users and their respective roles. The other models are defined by the facilities count or the square footage of your facilities. You can significantly reduce the implementation fees if steps 1. and 2. are fully completed. At Axxerion, we are open to discussing pricing models that will fit your unique needs and budget. We can eliminate repetitive tasks, provide you with entirely paperless operations, and save you hours of labor with a single data entry point on technician’s mobile device.

4. Start Research

Now, when you have clearly defined your goals and identified and dedicated the Team who will manage the implementation process, you are ready to begin your search. It is critical to keep in mind your potential future needs and growth of your organization and choose CMMS that has depth and flexibility to fit in your current and future operations. Versatility and depth of our workflow engine allow us to fit in your operational procedures, rather than another way around.

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