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From the reputable multinational hotel chains we all know to the smallest family-owned motels, hoteliers everywhere are continually looking for ways to give their guests a memorable lodging experience. Savvy guests expect the best and your ability to provide a hitch-free stay is quickly becoming the benchmark for excellence in hotels today.

With just a few clicks on a mobile device, an unhappy customer can post a negative review of your establishment on social media. The resulting backlash could affect both your reputation and revenue so as a hotel owner or manager, you’ll need to be precise with service delivery. Superb service delivery requires that you achieve a level of efficiency where all the separate units in the hotel are working together smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

With that in mind, what do excellent service delivery and efficiency entail for a hotel and how can you make improvements? We’ll discuss that below.

How CMMS Helps Hospitals

No matter what you are doing behind the scenes to keep your hotel running, if you fail to make a good first impression, you could lose valuable guests permanently.

There are several areas that make up the bulk of hotel operations and guests will quickly feel the effects of loopholes in any of the following; housekeeping, food services, human resources, security, and finance. Your ability to spot potential lapses in any of these areas and address them in a timely manner will help to improve the hotel’s efficiency across-the-board.

However, hotel managers have a lot to handle daily and hotels are facing fierce competition and shrinking profit margins. It’s therefore logical to look into automating the most demanding areas of hotel management. One such automation tool that is specifically designed for these kinds of operational challenges is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). A CMMS software can help you improve the customer experience in several ways. Here are just a few:

Impeccable Housekeeping

The general ambiance of the place and the physical condition of the facility are the first few things that guests notice as they approach your hotel. But, even with an appealing ambiance and a functional facility, the “battle” is not over yet.

After guests check-in, what arrangements do you have in place to keep their stay pleasant and hitch-free?

Do you have a system in place to address equipment failure in a timely manner? For instance, if your HVAC system breaks down or there’s a plumbing issue in a suite, would your team detect it and take action swiftly, or would guests have to complain before they know there’s a problem?

Based on information from a survey by Kantar TNS, PR Newswire reported that hotel guests would rather stay without basic luxuries than stay in a dirty hotel. So, are your restrooms, restaurants, pool/gym areas neat and hygienic?

With a modern CMMS, hotel operations/maintenance managers can optimize their housekeeping function and simply review maintenance activities from a central location to identify problems and ensure that issues are handled before guests complain.

Cost Containment

Maintain all your assets and simultaneously keep costs under control with several CMMS features and reports that provide insights into your major cost centers. Also schedule inspections, repairs, and services before failing machines deteriorate further.

Security And Privacy

Security and privacy are non-negotiable for hotel guests. Control access to certain areas of your establishment using the key management features that a best-in-class CMMS offers.

The above list is not exhaustive. There are many more advantages that you can get by using a CMMS solution for your corporate hotel management strategy.

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