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Businesses have one thing in common, no matter what industry they are in. That’s money. The purpose of essentially every business is to increase revenue. The thing, though; is that in order to make money, you often have to put in money. As a self-storage property owner, you know that your company is an investment. You hope to make a profit by making more than what you have put into it. How can you increase your return on investment (ROI)? A CMMS program is more than just a data storing program; it is your key to increasing your ROI. How does CMMS do that? Continue reading for more information on how CMMS increases your ROI.

CMMS Helps Extend the Life of Equipment

With CMMS, you can use the software to automate certain things. This includes scheduling for necessary inspections and maintenance activities. By doing this, you are ensuring that everything ends up running efficiently. By upcoming certain equipment and not allowing easy fixes to go overlooked, you are extending its lifespan. This aids in increasing your ROI, because you are not needing to replace as often as you would have without CMMS. Preventative measures reduce costs in the long-run.

You Will Minimize Equipment Breakdown

As you could guess it, equipment that is properly maintained does not break down easily or as frequently. Using CMMS will help prevent equipment failures. CMMS does this by automating scheduling, just as we discussed before. Your self-storage company needs to be a well-oiled machine and you need to make sure that you maintain a steady level of ROI. This can be achieved with CMMS, which takes a lot of the worrying off your hands by automating your scheduling.

Increase Productivity

When looking at your accounting files, you may find some errors. Employees could be putting down overtime, when they are not owed overtime. Scheduling for employees could become convoluted and therefore, you are overpaying employing employees. CMMS not only maintains the scheduling for equipment, but employees as well. The proper CMMS system helps keep everything in place, so you are not overpaying anyone. By reducing errors in payroll, you are helping the company save money.

Inventory Is Better Maintained with CMMS

CMMS is really beneficial for self-storage companies because it has the ability to properly maintain inventory. It’s one thing to have everything input into an Excel spreadsheet, but what happens when someone forgets to update this list? This is how errors are made and these errors could be costing your business. CMMS makes the process automated and is able to properly maintain your inventory information so that costs are kept at a low rate.

Free Demo

Increase self-storage ROI with CMMS. It’s really a wonderful maintenance application to have to benefit all aspects of your business. For more information, you can click on this link to access our free demo. With this demo, you will be informed on how the proper CMMS is what is needed to increase productivity and your ROI. Business is good, but it can always be better with the proper tools.

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