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CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) helps workplaces with masterminding and regulate preventive help assignments, stock, security, and that is just a glimpse of something larger. It significantly develops better benefits to its clients by screen and records all support work, at the same time keeping all the authentic records of work that has been done and following basic resource data for future reference.

Whereas, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) deals with each part of an association’s business forms. It’s a totally coordinated business the executive’s arrangement that brings together accounting and financials, buying, manufacturing, inventory, procurement, project management, sales, and more in solitary apparatus expanded proficiency and cost-saving.


  • In case you’re entrusted with assessing and contrasting undertaking programming arrangements with discovering which one would best match your organization’s prerequisites, you might be astonished to locate that simply investigating your precise needs and coordinating them facing the capacities and highlights of different programming bundles can be convoluted.
  • Fortunately, TEC programming examination reports streamline this undertaking. Each Mining Industry (ERP and CMMS) Software Comparison Report gathers all the highlights found in first-class ERP and CMMS frameworks intended for the mining business—gathering them into their principle useful classifications and giving data on the help levels for each component from those merchants you’re keen on assessing.
  • Each Mining Industry (ERP and CMS) programming assessment report from TEC is constructed utilizing a total rundown of 3,915 criteria accumulated from industry-driving mining programming bundles. You basically pick which merchants’ answers you need to analyze, and your custom report is created indicating a one next to the other correlation of sellers’ help levels for each element.
  • Choosing a Mining Industry (ERP and CMMS) Software Comparison Report today and TEC will convey it to your inbox in minutes as a simple to-utilize Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Not certain it’s what you need? Download a free example in case you don’t know whether it’s the correct device for you. 

CMMS Advantages Over ERP:

Here are the advantages of a CMMS over an ERP.

1. Work Orders (WO) and Preventive Maintenance (PM):

  • Each request/order can be modified by specifically designated users to generate a work request to the system for at least two years.
  • Technicians can enter detailed information about the resolution for future troubleshooting, status and analysis periodically.
  • PM can easily schedule frequency, checklist generation, inventory usage, labor hour recording, duplication and inspection checklists with traceability of all work done

2. Asset Management and Reporting

  • CMMS gives a superior method to collect, analyze, access, and apply equipment data to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Technicians create daily reports for work due to maintenance objectives. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF), Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR), etc.

3. Mobile Device Capability and Web Services

  • Users will be able to logon to the system and perform their designated tasks via a mobile device.
  • The system will be able to send information to our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) through a widely utilized standard Application Programming Interface (API).

4. Spare Part Inventory and Paperless System

  • Ability to record and control the spare parts that are used in work orders and preventive maintenance orders to accurately reflect the stock of the item.
  • A Paperless system creates an environment within the manufacturing area.

ERP Advantages Over CMMS:

  • Enhancement of business forms.
  • Exact and convenient access to dependable data.
  • The capacity to share data between all segments of the association.
  • End of superfluous tasks and information.
  • Decrease of time and expenses of the case.

CMMS and ERP Working Together

Concerning resource the board, an association can decide to utilize the Enterprise Asset Management module (EAM) inside ERP for support as this will permit them access to a portion of the parts ordinarily found in an independent CMMS arrangement. For instance, one such segment is the stock and parts the executives work that CMMS accompanies. In its own case, ERP calls it materials the board and parts acquirement module.

CMMS has now become a basic part of the business. The CMMS framework helps chiefs spare additional opportunity to focus on different things, for example, improving trustworthiness and diminishing conversation related expenses. You can explore more on

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