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As a self-storage business owner, you have a grasp on how to properly run your company. Among everything you have in place to ensure the success of your business, you have a CMMS installed. While this may have seemed like simply a piece of software that you implemented and you haven’t given it much thought, you should. CMMS is pivotal to all self-storage companies and is a huge benefit to the self-storage industry. That’s why we’re going to go through how a CMMS benefit self-storage companies.

1. CMMS Makes Work Orders Easier

If you haven’t noticed already, work orders are made easier with the use of CMMS. Allowing all internal work orders to be organized, this efficient software helps with the flow of your day to day. Workers are happier with this program that has allowed them to do their job easier. This also allows for happy customers, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

2. Data for Inventory is Organized

CMMS has the ability to store all of the data for inventory purposes in one place. Any item that is on the premise can be put into CMMS. One use of CMMS that you may want to look into is using the program to notify you when certain items in your inventory are running low.

3. Scheduling Can Be Made Easier With CMMS

CMMS can easily help with your employees’ schedules. By using CMMS, you are ensuring that shifts are planned easier. Absences can be accounted for with CMMS. Using CMMS means having your own private assistant to help run the company in a more efficient way than ever before.

4. Budgeting Is Easier With CMMS

Did you know that your CMMS software can help budget? The purpose of your self-storage company is to make you money. Accounting can be something that becomes cumbersome and, at times; inaccurate. Avoid any mistakes with CMMS and enjoy a seamless audit season with CMMS.

5. CMMS to Help Train Employees

Whether your self-storage company has a high turnover rate or has employees that have been there for years, employee training is important. Some states require sexual harassment training to be done year by year. Safety laws could change. Keep all of your employee training in the CMMS to help automate the information for both new and existing employees.

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CMMS can do so much more than you may have even been aware of. There are different CMMS companies and different versions of CMMS. That is why you want to do your research to make sure you are installing the most beneficial software that you can for your self-storage company. For any questions that you may have, you can take a look at our demo. By looking into our free demo, you will be able to see why our company can provide your self-storage company the best version of CMMS that you can get. You’ve had a successful run in your business and there’s no reason why you can’t improve and it’s all possible with a Computerized Maintenance Management System.

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