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Considering the current unpredictable economic conditions in many industries, manufacturers and other organizations would prefer to minimize costs while maintaining the quality of their products and services. However, that can be tricky to pull off.

It doesn’t matter what your designation is – maintenance manager, facility manager, plant manager, etc – to help your company remain competitive, you are expected to offer solutions that will keep the physical assets under your care running at optimal efficiency. And, you probably already know that adopting a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) would be an ideal solution for eliminating inefficiencies, reducing operational costs, and improving overall service delivery.

But, how do you convince senior management that a CMMS is necessary?

Keep reading because in this post, we’ll show you some key pointers that will help you to prove the Return on Investment (ROI) from using a modern CMMS.

These pointers will help you to prove the value of maintenance software to your company’s operations and bottom line.

The highest ROI obtainable from CMMS is usually achieved in the following areas, no matter the industry:

Planned Maintenance Management

Attempting to manually plan, manage, and track the maintenance activities of numerous technicians across multiple locations in these modern times is an absolute waste of valuable time. It also increases the risks of missed or forgotten inspections and tasks. The likely result of this kind of setup is a heavy reliance on reactive and emergency repairs. Instead of spending months plotting and adjusting paper-based plans and schedules, with a CMMS you can have an annual maintenance plan created in a matter of minutes. Thereafter, the software will generate work orders for each task.

This frees the maintenance manager and the rest of the team up to focus on proactively executing the maintenance program. This ability to schedule multiple planned maintenance tasks seamlessly is a major ROI from using a CMMS.

Minimizing Downtime

Frequent unplanned downtime can be devastating to any business and it’s one area that many businesses struggle with – especially manufacturers. Unplanned equipment downtime has several ripple effects on almost every area of an organization. For manufacturers, it causes production delays, missed deadlines, and lost revenue. For other sectors (e.g. hospitals) it can lead to fatalities.

But, with a CMMS on board, even in situations where downtime is inevitable, some modern CMMS come with predictive capabilities that will help the maintenance team to preempt machine failure, plan for it, and respond quickly. This benefit of CMMS is priceless in high-risk industries like healthcare, aviation, and power generation where asset reliability can save lives.

There are several other returns that you can gain from using a CMMS that will save you considerable funds as:

…and much more.

If your organization is still using manual records for maintenance management, be assured that your business is missing out on the many benefits of a CMMS-backed maintenance program. We can work with you to migrate to using maintenance software right away. And you will continue to benefit from the ROI for many years.

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