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Did you know that more and more self-storage businesses are implementing CMMS? This nifty software that you have been using and benefitting from has become a bit of the norm when it comes to self-storage companies. For good reason too. Some of those benefits are most likely the reason you’ve installed CMMS and why you have continued using it. It’s something that plenty of companies have turned to. With businesses needing to transition out of the analog era, software programs are automating aspects of work and making companies more efficient and more profitable. Here is why more self-storage facilities are using a CMMS.

1. CMMS Helps Manage Your Day to Day Tasks

Your self-storage facility needs to always be running, so how do you manage all of the tasks needed to keep everything in operation? The easy management of your daily tasks is why companies in the self-storage industry are using CMMS. Work orders are assigned to employees and because of CMMS, each employee can access the area, time, and notes for each task. Tasks are sent remotely, which saves on time.

2. CMMS Allows For More Flexibility in Your Company

Being bogged down by time constraints and other worries puts a damper on the success of your business. While your mind is too preoccupied thinking of one thing, other things fall through the cracks. Because CMMS allows you to schedule preventative maintenance, you can easily sit back and go onto other things while CMMS takes care of it. This is the very same reason as to why other companies are turning to CMMS.

3. Employees Are Easily Maintained With CMMS

Self-storage facilities have both full-time employees and temporary staff. It can be hard to maintain both. With CMMS, the program keeps track of all of the employees. Who is who, who is working when, and what to pay who. This would be a lot of work for someone to do manually, which is why CMMS really is beneficial in this area.

4. Saving Money is a Huge Draw

When you boil it down, saving money is a huge factor as to why any business decides to go in a certain direction. After all, your business is what puts food on the table. When it comes to self-storage facilities, saving money can help in other aspects of the business. With CMMS, saving money is possible. CMMS can do everything from ensuring you are not paying employees unnecessary overtime, to keeping track of equipment maintenance. This help in reducing costs, which is why it is a software that is so alluring to self-storage companies.

For more information, we have a free demo that can easily explain all of the benefits of installing a proper CMMS. The right company should be something that is factored into the decision making process for when you are looking at CMMS programs. Even if you already have CMMs installed, you can see, for yourself; what our CMMS software can do. Enjoy the benefits that all self-storage companies do when using the right CMMS for you.

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